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The Great Expectation (Coursework Sample)


Write an Online Response of 1 paragraph of 100-150 words to EACH of study topics of the following questions about the novel "The Great Expectations" by Charles Dickens.
Please write Literature in the present tense.
1.Are Dickens’ female characters less rounded (fully realized) than the male characters he creates? If this is true, does this characterization undermine the quality of the literary work? Why might Dickens have done this? Consciously or unconsciously?
2. What does Dickens have to say about the legal system in this fictional world?
3. How do parents/adults treat children?
4. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the retrospective first-person point of view?


The Great Expectation
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The ‘Great Expectation’ is an interesting story by Charles Dickens. Based on the content of the story, it is agreeable that the female characters that the author creates are fully realized than the male characters through the story. The description of all the female characters is detailed and the author has ensured that each female character has been described in a manner that the author is expecting. On the contrary, the male characters through the story have not been fully realized, making the female characters stand out through the story. Such characterization does not necessarily undermine the quality of the work since it depends on the intentions of the writer. In this story, Dickens was intending to make the female characters stand out in driving his main theme through the story. Although he might have done it unconsciously, it fitted into the particular story.
Analysis of the story shows that the legal system in the fictional world created by Dickens was flawed. For example, Pip met Able Magwitch who was an escaped convict who was stealing food from Mrs. Joe. As he later came to learn, Able Magwitch was a criminal who the court had exiled to New South Wales. Such a sentencing is unviable and his description means that he had committed a crime that did not fit such a sen...
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