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The Great Gatsby (Essay Sample)


Directions: Respond to each statement after reading The Great Gatsby. You can answer in yes or no response. 1. Would you marry for money? 2. Do you think other social classes are better than you? 2. Would you ever knowingly commit a crime? 3. Does a college degree make you more socially accepted? 4. Is there a circumstance in which adultery should be allowed? 5. Are people with money happier than people without money? 6. Have you ever been misunderstood and been unable to correct the misunderstanding? 7. Does the end justify the means? 8. Is it OK to watch others and mimic their behavior? 9. Should we conform to society’s rules just to feel accepted? 10. Can you ever recover from a bad first impression? · Directions: Choose three of the questions above and number them one, two, and three. Below, briefly explain why you wrote the response that you did in a paragraph each. 1) 2) 3) . .

The Great Gatsby
Question 1: No
I would never marry for money, as it is very superficial. In the great Gatsby, Daisy is seen to marry Tom for the fact that he was wealthy. According to the novel, she is seen to be unhappy by all standards despite the fact that she has all she could ever want. Love is not about how much money one has to share, as it is a mutual feeling. For any one feel the joy of love, they would have to fall in love with a partner that loves them back. In the case of Tom and Daisy, Tom does not love Daisy and the latter is in the relationship for the money. This is a wealthy family that can afford to throw parties for all their friends in the high places but cannot enjoy an intimate moment. Marriage as an institution can only be based on love as it is insatiable regardless of the social or financial status. This means that if one loves for money, if at any one time the money runs down in the relationship, whichmarriage institution will collapse.
Question 3: No
A college degree can never make any one more socially acceptable that the rest of the people in the society. In most cases there are social statuses that seem to stereotype most of the people into believing that having higher education makes one more important. This is clearly illustrated in the novel the great Gatsby, when...
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