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The Great Gatsby (Essay Sample)


Explain the following sentences by writing about specific examples from The Great Gatsby and from reality (other literary works, movies and the real world). 1. Money cannot buy happiness. 2. You cannot relive the past. 3. If dreams are too fantastic, and reality cannot keep up with ideals they are usually not fulfilled. 4. The American dream can corrupt and destroy people's lives. 5. The meaning of life is a questionable notion. 6. Racism and bigotry are used to make ignorant people feel better about themselves. 7. Wealth and power are sometimes used to hurt innocent people. 8. What is the American dream?

The Great Gatsby
The Great Gatsby is one of the best novels that have remained relevant for a long time, since 1925. Authored by F. Scott Fitzgerald, an American writer, the novel relates to great depths on issues that are common in the society.
There are several themes that are illustrated in the novel and one of them relates to the aspect of; money cannot bring happiness. In the novel, one of the main characters called Daisy is married to Tom a wealthy man. Daisy knows that Tom is having an affair, but she does not find the courage to leave him, despite the fact that she is not happy in the marriage. Daisy is seen to value material things more than she values her personal happiness. She has feelings for Gatsby, however she chooses Tom due to the fact he is rich and it compromises her happiness. Gatsby is also seen to throw parties in hope of luring Daisy, but he is never happy with his money and wealth.
One of the aspects in the novel relates to the fact that no one can relive their past. Gatsby hoped that he and Daisy would go back to the past, where they would be back to Louisville and they would get married. In his statement, Daisy no longer understood like she used to in the past. He reminisces on the chance he had with her and breaks down saying that he cannot in the past. The efforts by to try and go back to the past and imagine how it would have played out had Daisy agree...
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