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Gender Equality In Females' Perspective. Women’s Perspective of Gender Equality (Essay Sample)


Quarter 3 Research Essay
Topic: In life, there are many different perspectives when it comes to certain subject matters. As an intelligent individual one should be able to identify and understand each perspective on a subject. For this essay, you will pick a topic of your choice and examine it from the perspective that differs from your own. For example, since this is an all-male classroom, you might look at what it is like to be a female in a male dominant work environment. The final version of this essay will be due Friday, January 18, 2019 at the start of class. Listed below are the requirements for this essay.
Times New Roman 12-point font, double spaced
At least 3 pages, but no more than 7 pages
Must have an opening paragraph (attention getter and thesis), transitions, three to four body paragraphs (At Least 4 outside sources(CD & EF) At Least 3 outside sources (JK) and closing paragraph (restate thesis).
MLA Source Page (does not count as a page)
8 -10 sentences per paragraph (NO EXCEPTIONS)


Student’s Name
Women’s Perspective of Gender Equality
The issue of gender equality has been a great concern in the society. A recent survey by Pew indicates that people’s thoughts on gender equality are influenced by their level of education, race, political affiliation, age, and gender (Parker, Horowitz, and Stepler). The attitude that individuals have concerning gender differences is useful in shaping how women are treated in the workplace and the general society. This attitude might also dictate women’s ability to achieve their ambition and occupy top leadership positions. In this modern age, it is surprising to know that women still struggle with gender inequality. Such inequality is hardly unique even in developed nations. Men’s view of gender is focused mainly on biological differences, and because of this, men tend to feel the pressure of providing for their families, whereas, women are considered to be caregivers.

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