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Research Questions for An American Dream for All Coursework (Coursework Sample)


Prompt from Instructor:
Your essay that you are currently working on about "An American Dream For All" is a research paper. That means that the argument you make should be shaped by the research you do. In order to get an argument, you need to begin with focused research questions that will lead you to the answers that will ultimately become the basis for your thesis and the essay itself. These questions might not end up being the questions that form that basis, but they will start you on the path to get there.
There are different types of research questions depending on the type of essay you are writing.
For this assignment, you will be asked to develop three different types of research question: descriptive, comparative, and causal.

Descriptive Research Questions: These types of questions help to uncover factual information that can help in describing the problem or situation at the heart of your research.
Comparative Research Questions: These types of questions compare one group to another or one situation to another.
Causal Research Questions: These types of questions look for cause and effect connections.
Here is an example of how this coursework assignment should look:
Descriptive: How many immigrants obtain common markers of the American Dream like college degrees, home ownership, small business ownership, professional employment, etc?
Comparative: What are the technological capabilities (this includes the equipment and abilities) of white residents compared to the technological capabilities of residents who are people of color?
Causal: What is the relationship between various admission standards at American universities and the graduation rates for Latinx residents?
Now that you have an idea please create three different research questions regarding your research paper. Be sure to have one research question for descriptive, one research question for comparative, and one research question for causal.
Your coursework assignment must be in Times New Roman Font Size 12 with one inch margins all around.
Notes from me to the EssayZoo writer, I uploaded the research paper you recently completed. I though it was due today but we got an extension and before we turn it in the professor want us to do a couple more assignments regarding the research paper and this coursework assignment is one of them.


Professor’s Name:
Due Date:
Research Questions
Descriptive research question
How did slavery lead to the socio and economic disparities experienced in America today and how are these disparities impacting the lives of minorities, especially the African Ame

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