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ENGL 121 Term Paper. Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? (Term Paper Sample)


PLEASE USE SIMPLE LANGUAGE, DO NOT WRITE TOO COMPLICATED. Use the links provided and no outside sources.
ENGL 121 Term Paper
Your term paper will introduce and support a clear thesis statement dealing with one or two of the texts
we have been reading this semester. The topic and thesis are of your choosing, but you must confirm your
paper's subject with me before beginning work. Give consideration to the various themes and formal
clements of literature we have been discussing: these should offer invaluable premises for your paper. I
suggest brainstorming by asking questions about these themes and elements, and using an arguable
answer to one of these questions as a thesis statement. Support and argue for your thesis statement in a
clearly structured essay of approximately 1200 words in length.
You will broaden and deepen your knowledge of your chosen subject by using academic journal articles:
essays written by scholars for academic journals. A large portion of academic writing involves
establishing what positions other rèsearchers in the field have taken. You do this by citing and
summarizing existing scholarly research. Wikipedia, newspaper articles, and blogs are not sufficient
academic sources. Your paper must introduce and use properly cited research from at least one journal
Back issues of the peer-reviewed Science Fiction Studies journal are freely available and searchable on
the SFS website: http://www(dot)depauw(dot)edu/sfs/. There are dozens of journal articles on the SFS website on
each of the course texts; these can be searched for at: http://www(dot)depauw(dot)edu/sfs/search.asp. Of course,
you are welcome to use other scholarly research materials; do not hesitate to ask me about a particular
source if you are uncertain whether or not it is reliable or scholarly.
You must use MLA formatting and adhere to citation protocol. A properly formatted Works Cited page
listing all of your sources (course texts, journal articles) must be appended to your paper. In addition to
writing guides such as Fit To Print, information on proper MLA formatting can be found at Purdue
University's Online Writing Lab: https://owl(dot)english(dot)purdue(dot)edu/owl/resource/747/01I
quality of research and critical thinking
-effective support of thesis with textual evidence
-clarity and quality of writing in terms of style and mechanics
-implementation of my feedback to further develop your analysis
-correct use of MLA formatting and citation
Remember to cite all sources in your paper: failure to do so constitutes plagiarism and will result in an
Due Date
Papers submitted by Thursday, November 28 will be marked and returned with detailed feedback before
the exam. Papers may instead be submitted by Thursday, December 5, but these will not receive feedback
December 5 is the final day papers will be accepted.


Student’s Name
Professor’s Name
Course Title
Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?
Set in post-apocalyptic era, Dick’s book, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, explores the meaning of life and humanity. During the era, human beings live in Mars after escaping the Earth since the radioactive dust on the planet threatens their survival. Owing to the advanced technology, human beings have managed to make humanoid Androids that perform various tasks such as manual labor. The technology during this era becomes so sophisticated that one can mistake a humanoid for a real person. Moreover, Androids start mimicking human behavior. For example, some of them are unwilling to continue offering the forced labor and they free to Earth. Rick, a human being tasked with destroying rebellious humanoids, has a hard time distinguishing between the real and artificial people. The only solution is to test the being’s level of empathy. Rick is convinced that only omnivore and herbivores are capable of showing signs of humanity such as empathy. Dick urges human beings to embrace empathy despite advances in their external environment, as it defines their humanity.

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