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An American Dream for All. Not a Reality for Everyone. Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


Research Paper Prompt from Professor:
Step #1: Make an argument, supported by academic research, for what the United States needs to do—as a society, as a government, and as individuals—to make the opportunity to achieve the American Dream a reality for everyone in the country. (If you do not believe the opportunity to achieve the American Dream can be made a reality for everyone, then your argument should be about why that is the case).
Step #2: In making your argument, be sure to consider the various definitions of the American Dream we have discussed throughout the semester, various aspects of equality, and various theoretical perspectives (like the psychoanalytical perspective of Civilization and Its Discontents by Sigmund Freud and the Marxist perspective of The Communist Manifesto).
Here's is the PDF Link to Civilization and Its Discontents by Sigmund Freud: https://www(dot)stephenhicks(dot)org/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/FreudS-CIVILIZATION-AND-ITS-DISCONTENTS-text-final.pdf
Here is the PDF Link to Manifesto of the Communist Party by Karl Marx and Frederick Engels https://www(dot)marxists(dot)org/archive/marx/works/download/pdf/Manifesto.pdf
Step #3: Consider these questions in fact you could answer them as body paragraphs throughout your research paper:
Question #1: In what ways is the American Dream not a reality for everyone in the country today?
Question #2: For whom is it not a reality?
Question #3: What are the reasons those inequalities exist?
Question #4: What are some social, political, and economic solutions to the barriers of the American Dream for these groups of people?
Question #5: What effects, positive and negative, might these solutions raise?
Step #4: This is a research paper, so while you are making an argument, you are doing so after having done the research, collecting information and insights from the experts in the particularly relevant fields.
That means, you might start with a research question—like: What inequalities are barriers to social and economic freedom?
From there, a first wave of research should lead you to a preliminary answer (a hypothesis). Then, as you begin to construct the essay and dig deeper into the research to develop individual points, you might find that your thesis evolves into something different. That is a good sign. It will show that you are truly making your argument based on the research and not just cherry-picking research that fits your original argument. Ultimately, your final thesis should be complex and nuanced, revealing a deeper understanding of the topic than you had before beginning the assignment.
Step #5: Your Research Paper should be at least 8 pages, double-spaced in MLA format.
Step #6: You must use, in the body paragraphs of your research, at least SIX different outside academic sources in addition to "Civilization and Its Discontents" by Sigmund Freud and The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and Frederick Engels.
Step #7: Should have a title that states topic and hints at a thesis.
Step #8: Introduction should begin with 3-5 sentences introducing the topic of the American Dream and its (lack of) accessibility.
Step #9: Your thesis statement should end the introduction making an analytical argument—that is detailed, developed, and dynamic.
For instance, below is an example of a thesis statement that is detailed, developed and dynamic:
Professor's Thesis statement: While many believe that a lot of progress has been made over the past several decades in terms of political representation, including record numbers of people of color and gay Americans being elected to public office, some say that progress is under assault in the Trump era as voting rights and marriage are back in the courts. The reason for this change in the trajectory of American equality might very well be attributed to the chorus of voices from a segment of society who feel the values of the nation are being hijacked by by shortsighted activists.
Professor's Note: Notice how it wasn't necessary to use the phrases "political equality", "social equality", or "civil equality" though I could have. Notice also, phrases like "many believe" and "some say" and "might very well be" help to present your argument in a dynamic way.
Step #11: Body paragraphs should begin with clearly articulated topic sentences that develop individual points helping to support your overall thesis.
Step #12: Evidence should support or illustrate your individual points using quotes, paraphrase, and/or summary from outside sources. Therefore, at least two quotes must be from Sigmund Freud's Civilization and Its Discontents and at least 2 quotes from Manifesto of the Communist Party by Karl Marx and Frederick Engels. As for your other 6 academic sources you must have at least 1 quote for each source.
Step #13: Your conclusion at the end of your research paper should bring these individual points back to the overall thesis and make it clear what the implications are for society in the near future.
Step #14: Finally, include a Works Cited Page at the end of your research paper.
Step #15: Your Research Paper should follow MLA style and format and it must be typed, double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font, with 1” margins all around.
Notes from me to the Writer:
* I posted the PDF links of "Civilization and Its Discontents" by Sigmund Freud and "Manifesto of the Communist Party" by Karl Marx and Frederick Engels in the order form and I uploaded them as PDF files in the order form as well just in case.
* In an earlier coursework assignment we had this article: "Yanis Varoufakis: Marx predicted our present crisis – and points the way out" from The Guardian and the link to that article is:
Perhaps you can use it as one of the 6 academic sources.
Thank you so much for your time and may you have a Happy Thanksgiving.


An American Dream for All
The question of whether the American dream exists lingers on multiple debates within society. American society seems disintegrated that each person has his/her own definition of the dream. People are hurting when told that they have equal opportunities. It is impossible to believe in equal opportunities when some are treated as special while others are treated merely as part of the system. Aspects such as little savings for retirement, huge debts that hold back startups, and a dissatisfying work-life balance all point to a society that barely follows in the same dream path. While a few believe that America is on the right path in creating opportunities for its people going by the mobility in the labor market and advocacy for minority groups, questions are still raised on the path that the nation explores in as far as its motivation to distribute resources equitably is concerned. Diseases are distributed unequally, college debts keep rising, and social mobility keeps ailing, factors that only shade a bad image in pursuance of the American dream for all.

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