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Critical thinking (Coursework Sample)

Part 1: Write an outline to Esaay 4: (“ The Kalam Cosmological Argument”) Found in Appendix A. Include a thesis statement, each premise and points supporting each premise. (Hint: At the end of each chapter you will find helpful information on writing arguments. Part II: Select one of the following topics and extract an issue from it that you can write about. Investigates arguments on both sides of the issue. Write a one page paper (double space is fine) defending your chosen thesis. (Hint: Write an outline first, no need to turn it in, but it will help in the formation of your paper) Back up your premises with facts. Topics to choose From: Same sex- marriages - Proposition 30 - Proposition 32 - Drug testing in highschool - Making contraceptives available to all women, from medical institutions. Catholic hospitals would need to offer contraceptives to all women, even if it is against their beliefs. - Endaraged species - Commercial whaling - Media bias - The federal decifit - Alternative minimum tax - North Korea and nuclear weapons - Stem cell research with tax payer funds - Global warming - Oil Drilling in Natural Preserves - Balance Budget Amendment - Obama Medical Plan source..
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October 22, 2012
The Kalam Cosmological Argument
Part 1
The Kalam cosmological argument attempts to positively attest for the existence of a theistic God who is the cause of all beings. Everything that begins has a cause to begin, the universe began and there must be a cause for its beginning, that infinite cause is the cause of all causes. (Thesis) In his arguments, Craig Kalam came up with three premises as stated below:
Whatever begins to exist has a cause to its existence.
The Universe began to exist.
Therefore, the Universe has a cause of its existence.
Whatever begins to exist has a cause of its existence
Every existing event must have been caused by something; in other words, every cause has a cause and so on. Therefore, there must have been the original cause of the causes, meaning there is either an endless regress of causes or there must be a beginning point, which is the cause.
The Universe began to exist.
Before the universe existent, it was equally probable for it to exist or fail to exist. Now that the universe exists the implication is that it required a determining principle to cause its existence succeed over its non-existence.
Therefore, the Universe has a cause of its existence
Every existing thing is dependent on the premise that it may or may not have existed. Things exist because there is a reason for them to exist. The universe in general exists because there was a reason for it to exist and it came to be due to the determination principle, which prevailed over its non-existence and wrought it to be that determination principle and the reason for the existence of the universe is God.
Same Sex Marriage...
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