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Case Study Assignment: Marvin v. Marvin (Case Study Sample)

Must be written in APA format and answer questions based on Marvin v. Marvin, 18 Cal. 3d 660, 557 P.2d 106, 134 Cal.Rptr. 815 (1976)See questions below. (May use other references in addition to Marvin v Marvin as needed to answer questions below) 1. How does Marvin v Marvin relate to the issue of same sex marriages? (Specifically, what viable alternatives are provided in Marvin to same sex couples, if any)? 2. How are these alternatives equal in benefits and rights, as in a valid marriage, if at all? 3. How would marriage affect gay couples as compared to the effects of marriage of heterosexual couples? 4. What potential effects would prohibition of gay marriage have on other areas of law if any? You can use other references in addition to Marvin v. Marvin. source..
Topic: Marvin v. Marvin Name: Institution: Course: Course Instructor: Date Due: How does Marvin v Marvin relate to the issue of same sex marriages? (Specifically, what viable alternatives are provided in Marvin to same sex couples, if any)? Early in the 1970s, Marvin V. Marvin introduce a proposal to the Massachusetts city aimed at barring the state from suctioning same-sex marriage on legal basis. This was after the one Massachusetts court made a ruling that, the state laws to be rewritten to provide ground to allowing same–sex marriages. Further, the court made a ruling that, though the legislature available in the state gave definition to marriage, this definition for marriage did not deter the court from grating marriage related benefits stated in the law to unmarried couple. The current legislature interpretation, can borrows from “Marvin V. Marvin” amendments and other preceding laws governing marriage to accord the stated set of benefits enjoyed by married couples of the same sex. The amendment provided that, even unmarried couples could enjoy the same set of benefits provided in the marriage law even when they are not legally married (Eskridge and William, 1996). This contradicted the state law, which recognized on marriage as a union of two different genders and did not recognize the agreement of two people staying together after agreement. In addition, the law did not give room to the two parties involved to enjoy marriage benefits given by law in marriage or after separation. However, under the constitutional amendment couples the privileges to enjoy the marriage set of rights as stipulated in the marriage laws (Marvin v. Marvin, 1976). The move to oppose this law by the federal government was basically because the provision of this amendment trampled on the basic values of marriage provided in the constitution of the United States of America. The marriage bill amendments sought to give importance to civilized society values and also to give consi...
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