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Same Sex Marriages (Essay Sample)

The paper should include relevant research on your topic. You are to compare and contrast research and ideas. Support your opinions with the research you have found. You are free to complete this paper using the style of your choice provided the following details are addressed:  Use a minimum of three references  The paper is a minimum length of ten pages, not including cover page and reference page (total 12 pages).  Papers are completed using APA style references and in-paper citations.  Feel free to incorporate headings and diagrams into your essay.  Papers are to be submitted by the due dates outlined in the course schedule.  Submitted using the digital drop box. Mark Breakdown  Essay is worth 40% of your final grade  70% of grade is content  20% (2 pages of opinion/validation)  10% correct referencing/APA style Actually the topic i gave i can't corelate whether it is from health and science or social sciences . Please if possible do accordingly the subject is pyscology source..

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Same sex marriage is universally defined as the union in marriage between any two people who are biologically of the same sex or have similar gender identities. The term is often used interchangeably with other words like equal marriage and same sex marriage. The recent past has seen many sovereign states allowing the same sex marriages and creating laws to protect or incorporate couples of the same sex (Evan, 2004). However, since this is a new trend that has only received heated recognition of the media in the past few years, it has received mixed reaction from persons all over the world as to whether same sex marriage should be considered legal or illegal.
While the differences in opinion is a thing that must always exist, people still stop to wonder which side is on the right, is it the proponents side who figure that same sex marriage is a personal choose, orientation and a birth right, or the opponent side who feel that nature itself is defied when people engage in same sex marriage? This discourse intends to study the advent of same sex marriage in the world and the reactions from several dockets of the many nations, including the government, the church, the leaders, the non-governmental institutions and the rest of the world (Daniel, 2006).
Same sex marriages and the church
The church has in the recent past taken part in same sex marriages, some supporting the act while others defying it as an act against all the biblical principles as laid out in the Holy Bible (Evan, 2004). Churches that have come out publicly to support same sex marriage include the Church of Christ United, also in the list is United Church found in Canada, and some other parts of world, and conservative Jews, among others. The following is a short overview that looks at a few selected religious institutions and their stand in the debate of the same s...
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