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Evolutionary Biology Use In Future Work In Psychology (Coursework Sample)


Have attached the 2 questions which revolve around the topic of Evolutionary Psychology.


Evolutionary Psychology
Evolutionary Biology Use In Future Work In Psychology
The theory of natural selection by Charles Darwin was the first contribution to evolution biology, the three essential elements of variation, inheritance and differential reproduction are important to understanding modern psychology. Fitness from an evolutionary psychology perspective is described as how a species can reproduce within its environment, meaning that if a species no longer reproduce it is not evolutionary. Natural selection according to evolutionary theory means the one can adapt and survive long enough to reproduce.
The concept fitness in your future works in psychology
According to evolutionary theory, fitness describes how a particular genotype is good at leaving offspring for the next generation understanding genotype fitness depends on the habitat of the organism. Fitness is a concept that helps us understand how natural selection or survival, mate finding and reproduction can occur especially among humans .this is because evolutionary psychologist believes that our behavior can be strongly influenced by our inherited characteristics, in that humans act either consciously and unconsciously to enhance its fitness. This is to increase its frequency and distribution of its genes in future generations.
Darwin provided two important guidance to modern psychology, which is the natural selection, and sexual selection. The fitness concept helps in understanding adaptive problems and reproduction, for example, sexual rivalry and adaptation to ovulation. Advanced evolutionary theory guides research in understanding inherent and predictable forms of family and sexual conflicts between males and females that form part of survival ...
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