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Industrial Organizational Psychology (Essay Sample)


The field of Industrial Organizational (I/O) psychology applies scientific principles to help organizations accomplish goals and people find fulfillment.
Write a one page Journal Assignment on your interest in becoming an I/O Psychologist compared to other types of Psychologists.
Spector, P. E. (2012). Industrial and organizational psychology: Research and practice
(6th ed.). Hoboken, NJ: Wiley


Industrial Organizational Psychology
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The major reason I want to become an I/O psychologist compared to other types of psychologists is the fundamental interest to develop organizations into better places of work for people working in them (Spector, 2012). Industrial organizational psychology has enabled me concentrate on studying people in their working environment and focusing on organizational structure and workplace dynamics. Through applying industrial organizational psychology, I will help organizations achieve success at workplaces.
I am interested to work with people at workplace. In this way, I/O psychology course will enable me identify how behaviors and attitudes can be improved at the workplace. I will be able to ensure that workplace moral remains high and employees are engaged even during the periods of change (Spector, 2012). I will gain knowledge and skills to assist employees developing their talents and career potentials through observing effectiveness of training programs. I will use science-based research to assist human resource teams to develop hiring programs and initiatives which will enable success in the workplace.
Working in a workplace environment implies that I will be working closely with HR teams. This will be relation to how employees fit into specific roles and their wellbeing in the workplace. I will be involved in overseeing the wellbeing of people in the workplace. This entails several duties such as assessing how societal norms have impacts on the wellbeing of employees and how managerial techniques affect employee morale. If employees are negatively affected by the operations perspective of their workplace, I will give recommendations for possible changes which reflect science-based evidence (Spector, 2012). I will help organizations to boost performance based on employee behavior, which is related to ensure that people at workplace are happy and healthy.
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