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Economics Annotated Bibliography: 2000s Recession (Coursework Sample)


I am group 5 .2000s Recession
Group Research with Annotated Bibliography (25 points)
Each group will research and present the economic history of two decades in United States history.
As a team, choose which 2 of the historic economic decades your team will research for this course project. You may choose any two decade pairs from this list below or they may be assigned by your Professor based on your Group number. As you will notice from this list, the decades are focused on United States history.
Each group will research their selected or assigned decade(s) for its economic history (remember to keep notes of your sources for citation purposes as you research). You will submit your research in Week 4 as an Annotated Bibliography.
Remember, this is not a history assignment, but rather an economic assignment.
Decade groupings, along with some examples of significant events in those decades that may have influenced the economy in the United States:
Group 1
1920s: Roaring twenties, postwar (WWI) recession, agricultural recession, Henry Ford's model T, Tariffs, radio
1930s: Great Depression, New Deal Programs, Hoovervilles, Dust Bowl.
Group 2
1940s: World War 2, Women in the workforce, Manufacturer to the world, Marshall Plan, GI Bill.
1950s: Television, Tract housing, Unions and Corporations
Group 3
1960s: Kennedy's New Frontier, Space Race, LBJ's War on Poverty, Vietnam War
1970s: End of Vietnam War, Nixon's Wage/Price controls, End of Bretton Woods, Stagflation
Group 4
1980s: Recession, Reaganomics, Stock market growth and crash, Japanese auto competition and unions
1990s: Recession, Stock market boom, Tech Bubble/Bust, Welfare reform, Internet
Group 5
2000s: Recession, 9/11, Housing Bubble, Financial crisis, Obamacare, Dodd-Frank. Wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Arab Spring, ISIS.
After you have determined which decades to research, begin compiling information from credible and reliable sources on the economic features of the decades. Your research should offer a description of the economy during the decade and an explanation to account for the performance of the economy. Many events influence the economy within a ten year period.
In your research, considerations should include changes, such as in:
Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth (or not)
Inflation / Recession
International trade
Currency valuation
Fiscal policy by the government
Monetary policy from the Federal Reserve
As a team, find 5-8 sources of information that describe and explain the economic conditions of the two decades your team is researching. Then, consolidate that information into an Annotated Bibliography. Include the correct APA formatted reference for each of your sources. Follow each reference with a complete summary of the research source.
Each team member should submit the Annotated Bibliography individually as a way to demonstrate their contribution to the team's efforts. Failure to submit the completed document will result in a zero on this assignment.
Week 6 Milestone
Group Recorded Presentation (60 points)
This week, take the research your team collected in Week 4 and assemble it into a professional presentation. Some suggestions:
Use short statements and phrases rather than full, complete sentences
Use bullet points to focus the audience on bite sized chunks of information
Present the economic conditions and explanations of those conditions during the decade (not a history lesson)
Begin your presentation by quickly introducing your team, and the decades your team focused on
Transition the speaking role smoothly from one team member to the next
End the presentation with saying "Thank you for your time" or some way of thanking the audience
Each student will speak for 3-8 minutes (depending on the number of team members) on his/her portion of the group presentation, utilizing a well-researched PowerPoint as an aid. This will make the total presentation time 15-20 minutes.
Finally, the presentation should be watchable at any given time. That means, you might record a live delivery of the presentation by organizing your team on a single day and delivering using some sort of conferencing software (and submit an .mp4 file). Or you might have each member record an mp3 (audio) of their own speaking portion of the presentation and upload them into a PowerPoint presentation so that the slides have narration. Or, you might think of some other, clever, more creative way to make your presentation viewable at any given time.
As with the Group Introductions Video, choose a technology tool that will allow each team member to present and that can be submitted as an .mp4 file (if a video conference type presentation was created). Include the PowerPoint file along with the .mp4 file (or other media file created) in the Week 6 submission.
Grading Rubrics
Week 2 Grading Rubric
Category Points (Good/Fair/Poor) Description
Length 10/8/5/0 At minimum, the Group Introduction video is 3-5 minutes; all team members are represented; each team member has an equal speaking role
Quality 10/8/5/0 Voices are easy to hear; team members included clear images and graphics (not pixilated); the video flows smoothly from one member to the next
Total 20
Week 4 Grading Rubric
Category Points (Good/Fair/Poor) Description
Research 15/10/5/0 At minimum 5-8 research sources; paragraph accompanying each research source that effectively describe the economic conditions and offers explanations for what accounted for the conditions.
APA 10/8/5/0 Research sources formatted in correct APA format; each paragraph includes at minimum 1 in-text citation to demonstrate the summary references is complete
Total 25
Week 6 Grading Rubric
Category Points (Good/Fair/Poor) Description
Content 15/10/5/0 Presentation includes content that offers a description of the economic conditions of the decades; explanations are given; presentation is logical;
Teamwork 15/10/5/0 Presenters transition from one member to the next; each member speaks an equal amount of time
Delivery 15/10/5/0 Voices are easy to hear; team members included clear images and graphics (not pixilated)
Professionalism 15/10/5/0 Content is professionally presented; graphics are not pixilated; references and citations included throughout; speaking is clear, concise, and well-rehearsed
Total 60


Annotated Bibliography: 2000s Recession
Annotated Bibliography
The State of Working America (n.d). The Great Recession. Retrieved July 29,2017, from
The information that was published in the website of The State of Working America is insightful and concrete as far as the great depression is concerned. The great depression officially started around December 2007 and ended in June 2009. The recession was started with the bursting of housing bubble that worth 8$ trillion. The recession led to massive job loss in the United States as business investments closing down, and reduction in consumer expenditure. As a matter of facts, between the years 2008 and 2009, the labor market of the united states lost close to 8.4 million jobs, this was the biggest ever job loss in the history of the united states.
San Jose State University (2002). The U.S. Recession of 2001-2002. Retrieved July 29, 2017, from
The article was published by San Jose State University, the Department of Economics and it has provided insightful in

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