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Knowledge Mapping Management Coursework Research Paper (Coursework Sample)


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Version: revised January 2008 BRITISH COLUMBIA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY School of Business Program: Certificate in Management Course: BUSA 3695 Knowledge Management Lab 1 – Knowledge Mapping Purpose To examine how knowledge is created, collected, stored and communicated in an organization or amongst groups. Task Conduct a knowledge audit of your organization or of a department or team within your organization. If you are not working, you may conduct a knowledge audit of yourself or your family or of a group of your friends. Part I – Create a knowledge map (4 marks) Paper and pencil, circles and lines – nothing high-tech. Label individual knowledge entities and describe their relationships: Mother to child, sister to brother; Superior to subordinate, peer to peer etc. [Who are the “go to” people in your organization? They’re not necessarily team leaders or senior managers.] It is important to consider that you need different information and knowledge at different points in time. It may be difficult to map it all. The purpose of the task is to get you thinking about how you obtain and provide knowledge. If you are challenged by the task, try considering specific knowledge needs (eg. How to manage a difficult client or difficult employee, or how to ask for a raise etc.) Part II – Describe the “repositories” of knowledge (3 marks) Describe the knowledge contained in each “repository” – i.e. Mother, Manager, brother, accountant, graphic designer, database, filing cabinet etc.; is the knowledge tacit or explicit knowledge? If you are producing a schematic you may combine parts I and II Part III – Describe how knowledge is created and communicated within and amongst your knowledge map (3 marks) Explain how the network works. Consider how new knowledge is created and exchanged. Examples might be: formally and verbal through lecture, or staff meeting, informally, verbally and regularly through a Friday lunch meeting, incidentally via email, at the water cooler etc. Resources Knowledge mapping Version: revised January 2008 Knowledge Mapping :A Practical Overview Evaluation Demonstrate understanding of the task; ability to create a model; Total – 10 marks Due Classroom: Beginning of class Week 4 Online students: Please see calendar for due dates.


Knowledge Map
Institutional affiliation
Part I
Part III
The repository for this knowledge map involves a central place used for storing and maintaining information. Several databases are located in the repository or distribution over networks. As a result, a user could easily access the information without traveling across a network. In this regard, this knowledge map has a centralized system of operation where all information such as organizational charts, bank statement, bank account, reports, company map process, committee minutes, payroll reports, and loan statements are stored (Maaref & Ahmad, 2013)
Part III
A knowledge map is a vital tool that is used in providing a visual view about the information of an organizatio

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