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A Conference On The Future Of Football (Coursework Sample)


Question 1
Give an example of a project that you have worked on either at work or at home. Explain what makes it a project including project attributes. Share your feedback with your fellow students.
Identify one project that you consider to be successful, and share some of the success criteria factors.
125 words
Question 2
Managing a project without governance could be challenging. Share with the class some of your governance experiences and how helpful those experiences were to your project as a team member.
As a project manager would you prefer to work in the Program Management Office (PMO) environment? Why, or why not?
150 words


Course Work 2
Student’s Name
Course Work 2
Question 1
A couple of years ago, I was involved in organizing and hosting a conference on the future of football. It was a project because it encompassed a sequence of activities with a deliverable at the end- a report. Organizing and hosting the conference embodied all the key attributes of a project according to Gido and Clements (2014). The attributes include a clear objective, series of interdependent tasks (invitations, meetings), utilization of resources (we had a budget), specific time frame (within a week), and the presence of a sponsor (my organization).
I have also participated in a successful project that sought to introduce new service in the market. Some of the success criteria factors included completion within the scheduled time, achieving proje

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