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Visual Arts: In The Grip Of The Gulls By Bee (Essay Sample)


Critique of a Work of Art – Gallery Assignment
Choose one work of art from a gallery you will visit in your area and write a one page critique of the work. You must visit a gallery or museum for this assignment, on-line research is not what I am looking for.
Discuss the technique the artist used, the subject and all formal qualities the work possesses. The Formal elements are use of media, visual balance, color and value, texture and line. Then speak to the Contextual qualities of the piece. Looking at it in Context, how does this piece speak to you as an audience to it in the first part of the 21st Century?
Choose the piece that most intrigues you and you must provide me with a photo of the work along with its location (the name of the gallery or museum and the town it is in – a photo here too would be helpful).
PS: if you can not go the gallery, I will upload some picture that I've token in a natural history museum,
If you think this is not good, then please come up a better solution by yourself.


In The Grip of the Gulls
In the grip of the gulls by Bee
This is an image that was taken using a Nikon D90 (Bee, 2018). The piece attracted from the approach angle used by the photographer and after coming much closer to the image, at the National History Museum, I realized that is a piece of art that had been taken by a child called Ekaterina. They had been on a boat when the Herring gulls approached them and she snapped the photo engrossed by the noise of the birds as they tried to get the bread that she was eating (Bee, 2018).
This is an image that gives the gulls a new focus and more importantly capture their grac

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