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discussion for anatomy Health, Medicine, Nursing Coursework (Coursework Sample)


For the 1) Trigeminal Nerve and 2) Facial Nerve
1. Describe a common pathology associated with these nerves.
2. What are possible cause of the pathology?
3. What are the symptoms?
4. What are the treatment options for the patient?
5. Which pathology is most likely to occur at the dental hygiene school?
6. What symptoms would immediately tell you that it was an iatrogenic cause?


Discussion for anatomy
1 Describe a common pathology associated with these nerves.
Nerve paralysis affects the trigeminal nerve and facial nerve and in the case of trigeminal nerve it is also known as trigeminal nerve palsy, and in both cases there are weakness in the nerves and they may also fail to function. In the case of facial nerve, Bell’s palsy is the most common where there is inflammation and swelling of the facial nerve.
2 What are possible causes of the pathology?
Failure of the nerves to carry nerve messages can be caused by a brain tumor or a brain vascular malformation. Idiopathic facial paralysis is the main cause of face paralysis, but there are different other causes of paralysis. Other factors that affect and aggravate pain also affect the paralysis of muscles

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