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DASA Pre-Workshop Assignment: N.Y.S. Education Law (Coursework Sample)


My major is Early Childhood Education. My favorite grade level is Kindergarten. So, please focus on Early Childhood class setting to do this work.
There are 4 assignments. Please do it carefully.


DASA Pre-Workshop Assignment
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Assignment 1: N.Y.S. Education Law
1) What is the main premise that makes this primarily an educational law issue and not a criminal law issue? Explain how this relates to all school mission statements.
Unfortunately, Childhood bullying is still a part of many individual's childhoods. As children advance in age, it is critical for them to learn about harassment and bullying in addition to being kind to one another. The main premise making this an educational law and not a criminal law issue is that bullying is necessarily not a criminal law issue. Learning institutions/Schools have mission statements asserting that they are to establish a safe learning environment, free of harassment, discrimination, and bullying.
2) In the case of gender or sexuality, why is the perception of gender or sexuality indicated as well as the actual gender or sexuality of the student?
The perception of a student's sexuality or gender is indicated along with the student's actual sexuality or gender because students can be bullied or harassed for either reason, which is unacceptable.
3) How does the law expand the school's ability to address cyberbullying when it happens in the privacy of a student's home?
The law bestows more power to schools to intervene in cyberbullying cases that occur outside the school because cyberbullying can occur when a student is at home and not on school premises.
4) If a teacher became aware of harassment based on an issue not specifically enumerated in the law, would they have to report it? Explain why. Yes, even though the issue is not enumerated in the law, the teacher would have to report it. Harassment is intolerable. Should a teacher become aware of such an issue, he/she should act reasonably and in good faith report the issue to the assigned school officials.
5) How would you demonstrate compliance with part 2 of the above portion of section 12 in your classroom? Give at least 2 specific examples.
One, I can read a summary of the policies to my class. Two, I can write down the policies on Manila paper and pin them up for my class to read. And three, I can hand out copies of the age-appropriate code of conduct for my students.
6) What are the specific time frames for the two types of reports that must be filed under this law?
As stated in part (c) of § 13, the specific time frames are one and two school days. Once a school employee witnesses discrimination, harassment, or bullying, or receives a written or oral report of bullying, discrimination or harassment, he/she is to notify the principal, superintendent immediately orally, superintendent's or principal's designee not later than one school day after such an act has been witnessed. The employee should file a written report with the principal or superintendent not later than two school days after an oral report has been made.
7) Why are the time frames set to cause reporting as soon as the problem is identified? Indicate at least 3 possible negative outcomes for students if the reporting was not filed in a timely fashion.
The time frames are established to cause reporting immediately the problem is identified because such problems are serious and can result in school violence, and the earlier they are identified, the simpler it becomes to mitigate them. If such time frames are not set, negative outcomes could arise, such as: Damage or vandalism of school property, Danger to the student's well-being, and Danger to the school's employees.
8) Give two examples of what the school might do in response to the report that wou...

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