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Reflection on Childhood paper (Coursework Sample)


The 3 powerpoints are the references that you can use, I did give a sample paper which is named "Childhood reflection 1", please read through it. You have to have 1 reference for each paragraph 3,4,5. And the 3,4,5 paragraphs have to follow the instructions below.
Introduction: Provide some background information; where did you spend your early childhood years, and with whom? How do people describe you as a child?
Paragraph 2, 3, 4: In one paragraph for each, think about 3 main ideas/concepts/sessions from the course and use those to further describe factors that you think shaped who you are today. Elaborate on each of the ideas by sharing anecdotes, stories you have heard about yourself, memories, reflections on moments/places/interactions/relationships, etc. These should all come from your first 8 years of life, though you can certainly consider how these early childhood experiences influenced later moments in your more recent experiences.
Part 5 is a conclusion. How have the ideas in this course helped you to think about your early childhood experiences as an important foundation for your following life experiences and identity.


Reflection on Childhood Paper
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Reflection on Childhood Paper
Reflecting back on my childhood, I must admit my parents and especially my mother played an integral part in the person that I am today. My father was mostly away on work related commitments hence my mother and I developed a stronger relationship. My mother operated a salon in New York City and where I would spend most of my childhood as she attended to clients and I would occasionally be babysat my one of her employees. Moreover, the salon was a block away from our house and on my way to and from school which made it convenient for the both of us. My mother despite her busy schedule would always find time to help me with my homework and check up on me. The various people I grew around tend to describe me as an energetic and friendly child but who to strangers seemed quiet and shy. My interactions with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds around our neighborhood and the number that frequented my mother’s salon greatly shaped my character and overall personality. In addition, my mother’s permissive parenting style and risk and resilience factors also played a significant part in upbringing.
The neighborhood I grew up had people from all walks of life with diverse beliefs and cultures. Our building for instance, had an Asian family, African American families and Native Americans. Nonetheless, there was a lot of unity and all the people had managed to live and coexist for years. The parents contributed in the upbringing of the kids uniformly. My best friend growing up was a boy called Nelson, who was of an African American descent with very lovely parents who would allow us to play for hours. During the times that I got bored waiting on my mother at the salon, I would play with Nelson at their place until my mother came to pick me up. Nelson was also free to come over to our place and we were at some point inseparable. Our parents related with each other and other people in a friendly manner which I attribute to my embracement of all people regardless of any noticeable differences. In the arti

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