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Written Response. Social media marketing. Business Coursework (Coursework Sample)


Social media (broadly defined as online communities and forums, blogs, and social networks) has allowed marketers to establish a public voice and presence on the Web. It also helps give consumers a voice, connect them with their friends and other like-minded consumers, and has given them considerable power over marketers and brands.

Find one company/brand with a social media presence (e.g., facebook, twitter, Google+). For this company, describe the following:
1) Provide a brief description of the brand/product/products. Where are they sold/marketed? What is the target market? (1-2 sentences)
2) Provide your observations of the company’s activities.
A) What platform (e.g., facebook, twitter) does the company use?
B) Are the activities appropriate for the brand?
C) Is there interaction between the brand and consumers and between consumers?
D) How successful are they in terms of number (follower/fans)?
3) Companies can use their presence on social media platforms to pursue various objectives (e.g., spread awareness of brand, encourage adoption of new products/extensions, reinforce customer loyalty, encourage customer referral via social networks). Based upon your observations above, what do you think your company/brand is trying to accomplish on social media?


Social media marketing
Social media marketing
The use of social media has grown rampantly over the last two decades, brought about by the advent of technology and the introduction of new gadgets with every passing year. This has given the world access to platforms where they can connect, go through content, link with marketers and make informed decisions about the brands they choose. This has also given brands and firms the opportunity to gain favor with the population by linking and appealing to them on these networks.

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