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international business (Case Study Sample)

Read Mini-case 12.1, pages 395-398 on Wal-Mart takes on the world. Also read the short articles found in Content about Wal-Mart. You may use other sources as well. Write a 3-5 page paper that summarizes ALL the articles and the Mini-case. Your summarization should be an overall picture of Wal-Mart's globalization effort, based upon the textbook case and all the documents in Content. It is best to do it in chronological order of market entry. Focus on the large markets they are have entered, and a few they want to be in. Note specifically which countries were failures and why. It should NOT be a sequence of the textbook case summary and little summaries of the Content documents. The following format must be used, using the directions in the Note below:  Include an introductory paragraph stating the purpose of your paper.  Overall summary of the articles and the Mini-Case  Include your assessment of Wal-Mart's efforts to globalize, things well done, and what mistakes were made, where, and why. Note specifically which countries were failures and why.  Include a conclusion paragraph at the end.  Properly cite your references in the body of the paper and on the Works Cited page. You may use additional references.  Length should be about 3-5 pages, excluding the reference page. source..
Name: University: Course: Tutor: Date: International business Wal-Mart Store Inc. is a powered top U.S retailing store. The retail market has struggled to extend its dominance in the global market; therefore, through its strategy of expanding, the retail company has established branches in many parts of the world as far as Brazil. These places have helped the company gather very successful ideas that do not necessary come from it is headquarter in Bentonville Ark. For this reason, it has its tailor-made inventories and stores that ensure local states are maintained and ensure that the ideas developed have been generated from outside the US are put in place. This paper reviews the mini case 500 article that shows the expansion of the retailer business in the global arena. It will also ensure that it brings to light the strength of the company and the weakness along the global line. It clearly explains the way the company has been a success in different country and the challenges it has encountered in global market. Background information Sam Walton in the state of Arkansas founded Wal-Mart in United States in 1962. During this time, it has developed into the largest retailer in the world and is among the biggest company in the list of fortune 500. This was realized especially after it clicked a sale of $ 379 billion for the 2008 fiscal year. This was achieved because of the high-level services that they offered, strong inventory management and purchasing economies. This has helped the company to overpower most of the retail industry giants in U.S. The company therefore expanded exponentially in early 1980s since growth in the home area was slackening (Peter, 31). This prompted the company to expand to other countries looking for new opportunities in international markets. Through the idea of expansion, Wal-Mart opened its first international location in 1991. This was met with much skepticism, as most of the people were not sure how the company would transfer their culture and business practices internationally. Nevertheless, the company efforts in the global arena progressed very first. It went ahead to open 3500 retail shops employing more than six hundred people that are associates in 13 international countries. This has made the company to have international sales of more than $90 billion that had been projected to increase significantly with time. Globalizing Wal-Mart During the time of expansion to the international market, the company had to decide to which investments it would prioritize on. Therefore, looking at the European market that was a large retailer market, the company had to succeed there through taking a market share from established competitors. Therefore, to ease its competition, the company selected emerging markets to start its international expansion strategy (Mike, 2). The company therefore ensured that it targeted countries that had large and growing populations that included Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Asia and China. T...
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