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Living Life With And Beyond Lung Cancer (Case Study Sample)


Pls write it in high school level and follow the guideline and use sources as many as need.


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Living life with and beyond lung cancer case study.
“How do you deal with the news that you have lung cancer? Where does one go from here?” These are some of the questions that bombarded Esther Brown after her lung cancer diagnosis. According to the RN Journal, lung cancer refers to a type of malignant cells that affects the lungs and causes the most deaths among other cancers in America. Worldwide, it kills approximately 1.3 million people each year (Anna). A lung cancer patient can suffer from non-small cell lung cancer, small cell lung cancer or lung carcinoid tumor (Anna). The treatment process and the eventual living free of lung cancer for patients include diagnosis, reaction to the diagnosis, treatment plan, and becoming a survivor.
Case study
The individual I chose for this case study is Esther Brown. Esther is a 48- year old wife and mother of three teenagers, one of whom is my childhood friend. I chose Esther as I saw her bear a lung cancer diagnosis and slowly, with immense strength and faith went through the treatments and emerged as a cancer survivor, who is an inspiration to many. I requested her to allow me to observe and interview her and she agreed. In August 2016, she walked herself into the New York's Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital complaining of chest aches, constant coughs, and headaches that worsened every day for a week even after taking flu medication. Thus, she and her husband decided to seek further assistance in the hospital.
At the hospital, their family doctor carried out various tests including rapid influenza diagnostic test, blood tests, and Chest X-rays. The Chest X-ray showed that there was a mass in her left lung, and to be sure of what it was, the doctor requested for a CT scan (Anna). According to Esther, this was not what she expected when she walked into the hospital. Her medical file showed the most severe diagnosis in her life being a severe flu, which she always overcame. However, this time was different. The CT scan revealed that she had lung cancer.
Reaction to the diagnosis
Finding out that she had cancer like many other cancer patients was not easy for Esther. In the interview, I asked her what her reaction was towards this news. Her exact expressions were “the news made me almost jump out of my skin and struck me dumb.” She could only cry as she could see her life coming to an end abruptly, leaving her family behind, which she loved dearly. Many cancer patients experience this thus; her experience represents all cancer patients. However, the diagnosis was the initial step, and she had a lot to discover. As I

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