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Advertising Strategy That Is Suitable For Gardenburger (Case Study Sample)


highlight an effective advertising strategy that is suitable for Gardenburger.


Gardenburger Case Study
Gardenburger is a marketer and producer of veggie burgers and various meat alternative products. The challenge the enterprise is facing is one involving several variables. The primary objective that the company intends on gaining is brand recognition. However, during this period, Gardenburger claimed only twenty-three percent of the entire market (Grier & Chang 10). The problem came in the process of development of an effective plan that would lead to the acquisition of a higher market share which would be profitable for Gardenburger. The paper will highlight an effective advertising strategy that is suitable for Gardenburger.
Since Gardenburger intends on planning to invest more money into their television advertising segment, most of the solutions will involve this particular outlet for marketing their products. However, targeting the consumer category is also highly essential. This would be solved by targeting the cultural creative customer (Grier & Chang 9). Additionally, this would allow the company to advertise how it creates food products which are healthier for individuals and also for the health of the environment. Targeting the cultural creative customer segment with an effective television plan would create the advantage of brand recognition of the company on a national level.
Creative customers are not typically bound to the costs of the products and are located throughout the country. Gardenburger would then broadcast their wide range of products which are superior and of high quality (Grier & Chang 9). Their main competitors have not utilized television advertisements which would be an added advantage for the company. However, such a campaign would be highly expensive since television advertisements cost more than the average print adverts.
Since the company had numerous financial constraints, it can include advertising on social media networks to increase the awareness of their brand. S

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