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Child Development Case Study

Hello, I would like to hire you to write a case history paper for me. This is for a child development psychology class. I have included some instruction from the professor to give you an idea on what she is wanting. The paper is due December 3, 2011 by noon cst. Thank you for your help, Mary D. Albright Just some information to help with the project: To begin: You have to create a fictional child. You will need to decide on which direction the child will be taking. For example, will the child be raised in a two-parent, loving home or will he/she be abused, or from a lower-economic home, are drugs involved, etc. You need to start out with the pregnancy and the parents and then the birth. From your lessons and research, all of that has an impact on the beginning of the child's life. From then, you need to figure out how the child is being raised, the child's disposition and personality (these qualities primarily fit in with Ainsworth's theory), is the mom working or at home or is there a mom in the picture? Who is raising the child and how? You don't need to write a book on it, but there should be at least one page written on all this to have a beginning. It makes it easier to work with. From there, each theory should incorporate this child and how it fits into their lives. In other words, you are not only discussing the theories and their components, but also applying it. The child's growth and development should be listed and incorporated into each theory. Also, per instructions, you are supposed to put any references and citations into APA style. You should have at least the book as a reference. This information did not come from you so it had to come from an original source. List it. For writing up the reference page at the end, keep in mind that you can use the citation machine listed in this assignment folder. If you need help with something, contact me. I hope this helps to clear up some of it. The main point I want to stress though is that your theories and examples should be on the same page with this child and it should flow and fit together. Introduction to Child Development CD 2113/PSY 2113 Case History   NAEYC Supportive Skill 4 – Making connections between prior knowledge/experiences and new learning. In this class we will be studying theories of child development. The Case History project is designed to showcase the theories you have learned and translate them into practice. You will create a child, identifying and describing the child's cognitive and psychosocial development from birth through age eighteen. Using your knowledge of the theories and applying them to practice, you will identify the developmental stages of the child you will create. You will also identify basic child development theories this created child experiences in their childhood and describe the created child from birth to the age of eighteen. The case history will cover five developmental stages of childhood: Infancy (Pre-natal to 2 years of age) Early Childhood (2-6 years of age) Middle Childhood (6-10 years of age) Early Adolescence (10-14 years of age) Late Adolescence (14-18 years of age) In each of the five stages you will need to describe your child's physical, cognitive and social-emotional development. Provide examples of what the child does and how it affects the different developmental areas. You will also describe the child's development in each of the five developmental stages according to the following theorist: Erikson's Psychosoical Theory – Explain the child's development in terms of Erikson's psychosocial theory. When did the child achieve the various stages and how did you know? Piaget's Theory of Cognitive Development – Consider the child's development from a Piagetian theoretical perspective. When did the child achieve the various stages and how did you know? Vygotsky's Theory of Cognitive Development – Consider the child's development from a Vygotskian theoretical perspective. Key terms to include are ZPD and Scaffolding. When did the child achieve the various stages and how did you know? Baumrind's Parenting Styles – Explain this child's development in terms of Baumrind's parenting styles and how the parenting style affects the development of the chi Include the following theorist when the theory is developmentally appropriate for the developmental stage of the child: Ainsworth's Attachment Theory –Utilize and describe the attachment theory. Explain how the child's attachment pattern affected his/her development. Marcia's Identity Issues of Adolescence - Utilize and describe the identity issues of adolescence. Explain how the child's identity issues affected his/her development.   NAEYC Supportive Skill 3:1 Written The Case History project needs to be creative and attractive. The Case History project will showcase your knowledge of child development from theory to practice. You will need to include the following in the project to make sure that the Case History is suitable to add to your portfolio upon completion: Creative and Attractive – Each developmental stage will need to have three or more pieces of artwork, pictures, clip-art or magazine clippings to illustrate the child's development. Three References – These references must be professional (can be online as long as they are the following types of references), such as textbooks, journals, encyclopedias. Must be used and cited according to APA format. The text book used for this course cites all references using the APA format at the back of the text book on pages R1 through R-53. Use the pages as examples, go to the writing center at OCCC for APA help, or look up APA format on-line to make sure you are citing correctly. You may also use the resources provided on your class homepage in regards to APA referencing. Correct Grammar and Spelling – Including professional writing and appearance. 12 point font, double spaces. – Create as a Word document You will need a cover sheet for this project: Your cover sheet should have your name, date, class, and assignment title centered close to the middle of the page
Child Development and Theories Author`s Name Class Date Child development incorporates both physical and psychological growth of an individual from birth up to adolescent. This process is strongly influenced by both genetic and external environmental factors. The environmental factors act both in the prenatal as well as the postnatal period. The parent has a great role to play in how the child develops. The environmental factors greatly influence a child`s personality. There are various theories that try to relate child development process with a person`s personality (Stevens, 1983). This paper will focus on the application of these theories in a fictional case during five stages of development. Prenatal Stella is born to Mr. and Mrs. Cliff in a small town in Northern Carolina. She has four siblings: two brother and two sisters. The father, Mr. Cliff works in a nearby construction site on a temporary basis. Due to the recent economic recession, it has always been difficult for him to secure a permanent job. As a result of constant frustration and disappointment, he is depressed and seeks solace in alcohol. The mother on the other hand, is currently unemployed and stays at home taking care of the children. She has no source of income and results to borrowing money from her friends whenever her husband fails to provide for the family. Mrs. Cliff never noticed that she was pregnant until after missing her monthly period fo...
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