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Describe Recommendations for Delta Force Airlines 2012 (Case Study Sample)


Based on the Case Study Number 27 “Delta Airlines 2012: Navigating an Uncertain Environment”, answer the following question:
You have been hired as a strategic management consultant by Delta Airlines. What specific recommendations would you make to the senior management team in the development of their strategic management plans with the issues facing their company? Be specific and provide logical justifications.
You need not write a synopsis, or identify the resources, capabilities, and core competencies. You should, however, understand what their resources, capabilities, and core competencies are.
Using the findings of fact format, discuss, in detail, any recommendations you may have. You are required to submit THREE FULLY JUSTIFIED FINDINGS OF FACT.
You must remain within the confines of the case study (including end of case references) and do not current research on Delta.
Good luck!
Case study preparation requirements:
Findings of Fact
Findings of fact are strategic issues discussed in the case studies and usually identify potential problem areas for the firm. Additionally, these strategic issues are facing the firm's strategic managers at the end of the case's time frame. Strategic problem statements. Each case study paper/presentation will identify three findings of fact. Usually the findings of fact are one to two sentences each in length.
Recommendations are directly tied to the findings of fact. For each finding of fact, a thorough, justified, recommendation must be provided. How are you going to rectify the strategic problems that you have identified and why. Additionally, this section should also include an implementation discussion. General statements and blanket conceptual recommendations that are not fully justified with the facts of the case, are not acceptable. The recommendations/justifications section of the paper should be one-two pages each in length.
You must remain within the confines of the case study data. You cannot research the firms we analyze and re-import this data into your submissions. The reason for this is that a case study is a snapshot of the firm and you are analyzing the firm within this time frame; therefore, researching the firm's current strategic position may cause you to recommend strategic actions that may not be supported by the case data.


Recommendations for Delta Force Airlines 2012
Institution of affiliation
Date of submission
Recommendations for Delta Force Airlines 2012
Delta Force Airlines is one of the leading carriers in the world. Just like any other business, it has had its fair share of ups and downs. In 2012 it was on the verge of economic recession when it was struck by challenges from the business environment. This paper analyses some of these challenges and aims to give amicable solutions to them to restore the company to its former glory. But as any business would have it, how you deal with these challenges is what makes the difference between being relevant and being obsolete. The strategic team of any given firm carries this burden.
Finding of Fact #1
Customer satisfaction was a significant challenge leading to the complaints from the customers. A report on the American customer satisfaction indicated that the Delta force airlines scored 56%, while the Southwest led the category by scoring 81%, Continental 64%, American 63 %, the US Airways and United scored 61% followed by the Delta at the 56%. The customers complained of many issues including but not limited to travel delays, intrusive screening, checked baggage fee and an overhead baggage fee. Notably, Delta and United were ranked as the leading regarding such fees by charging US$100 for a second checked bag on international flights.
Successful entrepreneurs have always emphasized that the success of the business is the customers. The customer relations of Delta Force airlines came to the spotlight when customers complained of the services offered by the flight company. The complaints ranged from increased fees on extra services to mishandling of customer bags. Loss of luggage was a major complaint that was submitted by the clients. Most people complained that despite the flight charges being cheaper, everything else had deteriorated. To excel in business, the priority of the industry is the consumers. When the consumers are disappointed with the services, they find alternative services or organization. Customers are the heart and soul of the business, and this did not work well for the group.
As a strategic adviser, I would recommend to the human resource department to create a customer responsive culture. A customer sensitive culture entails coming up with a customer care department whose sole purpose is to ensure that the services offered are the best. This is possible through bench-marking similar flight companies and finding out what they do. Getting to know where to improve is the first step to changing the customer attitudes. They should have come up with a suggestion box where customers can fill in their feedback about the services they received from the company. There is need to regularly check this item as most organizations never look

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