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Panera Bread Company: Financial Ratio Analysis (Case Study Sample)


Part 1
Using the Panera Bread case materials and the 2010 annual report (located under course resources) for Panera Bread conduct a financial ratio analysis for the most recent 2 fiscal years (2009 & 2010) using the following ratios found in Table 12-1 (pages 336-338): Current ratio, quick ratio, net profit margin, return on investment, return on equity, inventory turnover, days of inventory, asset turnover, fixed asset turnover, average collection period, debt-to-asset ratio, and debt-to-equity ratio. You will insert this under section I Current Performance/Situation for item #2 financial ratio analysis.
Part 2
Using the assignment template for weekly case study analysis and the example in chapter 12C complete Section I. Current Performance/Situation.
Part 3
Using the assignment template for weekly case study analysis and the example in chapter 12C, complete Section II. Corporate Governance/Strategic Managers.
Directions for using the assignment template: The content of what you need in each section is provided for you in the weekly assignment template. The assignment template is attached and also available under course resources.

      Panera Bread Company Name Institution Date     Part 1
Financial Ratio Analysis  
    2010 2009
  Formula Ratio Ratio
Current Ratio Current Assets/Current Liabilities 1.6 2.3
Quick Ratio (Cash + accounts receivable + short-term investments)/Current Liabilities             1.5             2.2
Net Profit Margin Net income/Sales 7.2% 6.4%
Return on Investment Net Income/Total Assets 12.1% 10.4%
Return on Equity Net income/shareholder equity 18.7% 14.5%
Inventory Turnover Cost of goods sold/Average inventory      101.91         98.63
Days of Inventory (#days) 365/inventory turnover ratio           3.58           3.70
Asset Turnover Sales revenue/Total assets 1.7 1.6
Fixed Asset Turnover Net Revenue/Average Fixed Assets           3.64        ...
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