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Apple Company’s Vision, Mission, Objectives, and Strategies (Case Study Sample)


Step 1 - Identify the firm


Case study 2
Apple is a multinational technology American company and it is headquartered in Cupertino a city in California. Apple company was launched in the year 1957 by Steve Jobs Ronald Wayne and Steve. They initially launched the company to create and sell computers built around a microprocessor for use by one individual at a time. In the year 1977 the company was incorporated as apple computer lnc, but in 2007 it was later given a new name as apple lnc to give evidence of its changed attention toward home electronics. The company design, create, and sells electronics meant for daily use, computer software and services delivered through the internet .Examples of Apple’s hardware commodities include iPhone smartphone, iPad tablet computer and apple TV digital media player. Examples of company’s consumer software entail MacOS operating system, safari web browser and the iTunes media player. The services delivered through the internet by the company include iTunes store, apple music and the iOS app store. It is considered the biggest information technology organization by total profits in the world. It is also considered as the second world’s greatest mobile phone producer by volume after Samsung.
Apple Company’s Vision, Mission, Objectives, and Strategies
Chief executive officer Tim Cook introduced the current vision statement of the company and he stated that the company affirms that they are on the face of the planet to make great commodities and that is not transforming. He said that the company is persistently focusing on revolutionizing and they believe in the uncomplicated rather than the complicated. He continues to say that they also believe they require to possess the knowledge behind the commodities that they produce and take part in only the markets where they can develop great contribution. Moreover, he said that they believe in getting rid of multitude plans, so that they can truly concentrate on the small plans that are truly relevant and significant to them (Jurevicious, 2016). He added that they also believe in profound collaboration and inspiration of our teams, which grant them to revolutionize in a manner that others cannot. He also emphasized that they only settle for perfection in every team in the organization, and they agree when they are not right, and have the confidence to adjust. He concluded by saying that irrespective of who is in what task those principles are very embedded in the organization that Apple will do excessively well.
The present mission statement of company of apple states that the Company designs Macs, the excellent computers purposed for use by one person at a time in the globe, along with OS X, expert software and iWork (Jurevicious, 2016). It also states that Apple Company precedes the digital music change with its iPods. Finally, it states that Apple company is determining the moments yet to be experienced of the mobile media data and computing gadgets with iPad.
The objectives of the apple company include to continue to develop ground making commodities, to revolutionize and control the motion for future technology, enlarging countrywide series of apple stores globally, making commodities readily obtainable in every possible retail, to elevate profit margins and to maintain and expand on strongly branded name (Yoffie & Baldwin, 2015). The business strategies of Apple Company include generic and intensive growth strategies. An example of generic strategies includes broad differentiation that focuses on crucial characteristics that separate the company and its commodities from its rivals. Examples of intensive growth strategies include product development and it requires the company to provide appealing commodities to enhance its share of market and achievement. Secondly, there is the market penetration st...
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