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Case 2 Hana, A Joint Venture Between Health Snacks and Toka Foods (Case Study Sample)


Case 2: Hana, A Joint Venture between Health Snacks and Toka Foods which can be found on page 487. The case is brief in nature, while offering an excellent opportunity to apply knowledge gained in the assigned readings. The case is supplemented by specific discussion questions that should be addressed by the students' analyses.
Summarize the case, answer the discussion questions provided in the case, and make recommendations where appropriate. In doing so, students should offer responses that convey their understanding of, and ability to apply, the concepts and insight offered during the course. In doing so, develop a paper of at least 3 pages in length and leverage content from the assigned readings, supplemental readings of the student's choosing, experiences, and class discussions. Papers should be double-spaced, use 12-point font, and utilize one-inch margins. Citing outside sources should follow APA formatting guidelines.
Convey an understanding of course content in developing their response.
Provide a sufficient level of depth and content in responding to each question.
Provide a clear and cogent treatment of each topic needed to answer the questions.
Provide a response that is well-written and presented with excellent grammar and formatting..


A Joint Venture between Health Snacks And Toka Foods
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A Joint Venture between Health Snacks And Toka Foods
Different businesses often come together to form a joint venture to make it easy for them to operate in the competitive market. On the other hand, competition can be reduced in the market when organizations come together to function as a joint venture. In this case, the organization with the same interest can decide to come up with a single business and agree on the percentage of ownership as well. It is important to note that joining an international market can be challenging considering the market rigidities that a foreign organization can face because of not being conversant with such a market. In this regard, Health snacks and Toka foods have a common goal in the industry hence their decision to come up with a joint venture. This paper entails a summary of the business and why they faced challenges and how the parties could resolve this.
Summary of Hana Venture
When two organizations come together in the form of partnership with the aim of operating a single business, it is important for them to come up with a single business name. Healthy snacks and Toka foods decided to embrace the name Hana as this was a new venture in the market. The two organizations signed a deal, where they divided duties to each other. This decision was reached at because each company was best at something hence the division of activities would enable them to perform well in the market. For example, since Toka foods were initially based in Japan, they were in charge of marketing and networking because they were well conversant with the market. On the other hand, a joint venture had to be run by a board of directors from both parties to ensure that the interest of the two mergers was well represented. In thi

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