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Case Study Assignment on Enron Menagement Communication (Case Study Sample)


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Communication is our everyday tool to get along with colleagues and solve problems in an organization. Communication builds relationships. Having excellent communication skills is a fundamental requirement so as to handle problems and converse with employees. For this reason, problem-solving and addressing colleagues becomes a walk in part. There are different aspects to communication;
According to Richards and Schmidt (2014), possibility communication refers to what we aspire our future to be rather than dwelling on problem-solving in the past. Possibility communication encourages people to be free and innovative to curb future problems. As a consultant, I would gather employees and ask them what they think should be done in the organization to ensure there is no repeat of bankruptcy. This will offer employees the chance to come up with creative ideas that can be resourceful. Dissent communication, on the other hand, refers to communication that allows people to say no. It offers an opportunity for people to air out their reservations and opinions in the organization. When in doubt, people tend to say no as they struggle to find their place and fit in. Dissent conversation is a good strategy to test the acceptability of policies and procedures. For this, I would use a yes and no question in a questionnaire form to welcome the employees into picking what they deem right. Units will enable me to see what they are open to and what they are not.
Another form of communication is ownership communication that explains who owns an organization or a task. It focuses on cause and effect and results into blame and confusion as a defense against property. Ownership conversation is the sole reason behind job description. For a consultant, it is important for me to ask employees: what do you do for this organization.” Primarily it will give me a scope into the responsibilities of the staff and reduce cases of unassigned works. Commitment conversation, on the other hand, is about making promises to peers and colleagues about your contribution to the success of the organization. As a consultant, I would ask each team member what they intend to do and achieve within a specified period, and what measures they have put in place to ensure that they do achieve them. Finally, there is gift conversation which focusses on individual strengths and assets that one brings into the organization. It aims at maximizing the core gifts of people that can make a difference and change lives. I would ask each member of staff to write down their strengths and weaknesses and find out where their contribution fits best. Knowing what your employees can do outside of work is also key to value addition in the job market (Richards and Schmidt, 2014).
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