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chronic pancreatitis secondary to chronic alcoholism (Case Study Sample)

I need to answer the questions according to the case study. I will add additional material include patient blood test and all her history information. Please try your best to answer all of them if few line. Also u can search about the disease in other sources. source..
Chronic pancreatitis secondary to chronic alcoholism Student Name: Instructors Name: Instructor`s Name: Institution`s Name: Word count: 1251 1 Pancreas is a dual gland, where it is an endocrine gland and exocrine gland. As an endocrine gland it produces insulin, glucagon and somatostatin hormones. As an exocrine gland it secretes pancreatic juices which contain digestive enzymes to help in breakdown of carbohydrates, proteins and fats as noted by News-Medical.Net (2011) 2 At the cephalic phase there is gastric secretion in the pancreas in response to sight, taste, thought or smell of food. When these sensory and mental inputs are triggered, they send the information to the hypothalamus which in turn relays the information to the brain. The brain via the vagus nerve fibers stimulates the enteric nervous system and there is secretion of gastric juice. At the gastric phase, the swallowed food and semi digested protein activate the gastric activity. The ingested food stimulates the gastric activity through either stretching the stomach which raises the PH In the intestinal phase, the duodenum in response to the arriving chyme regulates the gastric activity through hormones and nervous reflex. 3 Chronic pancreatitis is defined the Nordqvist (2010) as the long term progressive inflammatory disease of the pancreas that leads to the permanent deterioration of the functioning and structure of the pancreas. 4 The physical symptoms in the physicians H&P consistent with Ms. Jordan`s diagnosis are that twelve months ago she began to experience bouts of epigastric pain, she experiences severe abdominal pain which is now radiating to the back and lasts for 4hours to three days, of late she complains of anorexia and nausea. Ms. Jordan has a history of taking alcohol since she was in secondary school. The patient has also lost weight and appetite. 5 The most common etiology for pancreatitis is gallstones as noted by Afonso (2008) where he observed that it accounts for 45% of the cases in Western Europe, Asia and USA. The physiological consequences of the disease include cases of protein- energy mal-nutrition and it can also result to insulin dependent diabetes 6 After consumption of alcohol, it passes from the stomach to the intestine and into the blood. It is then metabolized by alcohol dehydrogenase enzymes in the liver to acetaldehyde, which is eventually metabolized to carbon dioxide and water. Women absorb and metabolize alcohol differently from men. They have a higher BAC`s after consuming the same amount of alcohol as men and are thus more susceptible alcohol related diseases. The higher BAC is attributed to women having smaller body water than men, and it is also found that women have flower ADH enzyme in the stomach causing more alcohol to reach the blood as observed by NIAAA (2011). 7 Freeman (...
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