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Measuring our Worth (Case Study Sample)

Unit III Case Study Read the Case Study, titled on “Measuring Our Worth,” on pages 198-199 of the textbook. Once you finish reading the Case Study, answer the following questions: 1. If you were deciding whether to engage in the recall or settle the cases in which injury occurred, which would you choose? Why? 2. What influence does the value of your stakeholders have upon your decision? 3. What sort of financial impact will your decision have upon the company? 4. How do you account for the intrinsic and instrumental value of human life? Evaluate each assumption you make within your reasoning, and identify and evaluate the evidence. The Case Study should be thoroughly discussed in a minimum two-page paper based upon your readings. Any outside sources used to support your statements should be appropriately cited. Hartman, L. P., & DesJardins, J. R. (2008). Business ethics: Decision-making for personal integrity & social responsibility. Boston, MA: McGraw Hill. source..
Measuring Our Worth Name: Institution: Date: MEASURING OUR WORTH Question 1 In measuring the worth of an individual, settling of cases in which the injury occurred would be the most approachable method. This is because the lives of human beings are most important, as no life can be replaced with money. Moreover, it is very hard or impossible to account for the instrumental and intrinsic value of the life of a human being. It is important to consider the ways of measuring a person’s worth, or the worth of a close friend. Moreover, identifying the stakeholders and considering the value of each of them is advisable. This fact brings the realization that it is quite impossible to measure the worth of a person financially. Question 2 The influence of stakeholders’ value brings a firm stand that their worth cannot be calculated financially. Individuals have to consider what they stand to loose if their stakeholders are gone. Moreover, there is self-evaluation points that help each individual come up with the right decision. The personal considerations are meant to put the individual in the same...
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