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case study: FMB & T CASE STUDY (Case Study Sample)

there will be three questions read the case and answer them. source..
FMB & T CASE STUDY Name: Institution: Date: FMB & T CASE STUDY Problem statement FMB & T is a regional commercial as well as a retail bank based in California. The bank is a growing organization. There is increasing pressure on the chief information officer, Ayishi Coles. The bank has not clearly and distinctively defined the responsibilities, duties and authority between the chief information officer and the new executive vice president. This condition in the growing bank causes considerable friction and confusion between other bank units and the IT department. Further, other units bring problems to the IT department that they demand to be solved urgently. Despite the fact that other units have presented their problems to the IT department, they refuse to take responsibility. This is limiting to the IT department that is ready to implement new technological inventions and ideas for the bank. There is even more problem in that the bank’s president is thinking of decentralizing the IT department in every individual branch falling under branch authority. This would lead to reduction of Coles’ team into almost half. Therefore, there is need for immediate action by the bank’s CEO that would clearly distinct the two conflicting individuals hence affecting the company in the long last. This would define the authority and responsibilities in relation to other bank units. Further the CEO would find a lasting solution for other units that lack a clear definition of delineation of accountability and functions. Implementations Marshal Pinkard as the CEO of a growing commercial and retail consumer bank is responsible for solving the problem affecting the bank’s departments and to bring understanding of each manger’s responsibilities and authority. It is vital to understand that IT is significant for the success of any bank. Therefore, as the CEO of the bank one needs to understand the problems arising from other departments that affect IT department....
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