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The Crowley Inn case (BUSINESS STRATEGY COURSE) (Case Study Sample)

Please find the attachments this is a group assighnment, my part is 1 and 2, so, do only 1 and 2 Issue 1 and Issue 2 do a good work, this assignment count for 20% of my course grade. source..
The Crowley Inn Case Name: Institution: Issue 1 In their marketing plan, the Crowley’s were looking to increase their occupancy to 72 percent from 60%. This was before they even train their staff, increase expectation standards or have work inspections. Increasing the rates could mean the end for the business that is already experiencing a drought period as far as the customers were concerned. However this is the best chance they had of bringing back the motel to its feet. The option of cutting down the costs would not have the desire effect, since the only had the variable costs to adjust. This would mean that they less chance of improving the standards of the motel. Cutting down the costs would reduce the money available to the management to bring about the renovations among other changes that were a necessary investment. As such, reducing the variable cost in the business was a move that would probably cripple the business, considering it is still not up to standards. Their best chance of reviving this motel was, improving the standards of the facilities that they were offering at the hotel, which means from the boarding facilities to the dining services. This is a move that the management had been putting a lot of effort to improve on, as is evident that they had already started to renovate the physical conditions of the motel. The renovations took place sometime from the May of 1991 to the February of 1992, where the management bought some new furniture, drapes, chromed clothes hangers and rack, lamps, clock radios and TV sets that now had remotes. All of which were bought from a refurbishing contractor, with the cash flow the motel received. The roofs were also repaired along with the air conditioning and the floor, which cost them around 130,000. the improved quality would help the hotel stand a better chance at attracting customers of a higher caliber...
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