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Business Ethics - Employees strive to enrich themselves (Essay Sample)

Have you partaken in the usage of office resources for personal business? How do you feel about such usage? Do you, your boss, or your colleagues "enhance" travel expenses? Enron has certainly become a familiar name in the last decade. Read the "Enron and Employee Investment Risk" case and address the issues in the case. Does your own pension plan consist of your employer's stock? Do you feel pressured to purchase corporate stock? source..
Business Ethics
Like in the case of the Enron`s accounting frauds, many employees strive to enrich themselves at the expense of their boss or the corporation in which they are employed. Some people call this an inside – game whereby the employees plan a smart way of stealing form their boss in terms of cheating about the travel expenses, usage of office resources to benefit you.
For example, an employee may use the internet in a certain organization to participate in electronic commerce or sell the water supplied to an organization so that one may get some money outside the salary when the water bills are paid by the organization. This translates to big losses to the organization. This is very bad and can a loss of job when the business collapses or when someone is discovered and sacked before the business collapses. These are very bad acts which are not usually in line with the organizational mission and vision as well the objectives and goals of the organization (Chris, Simon, 2002). Other employees organize the theft from the organization in smart way involving all the relevant departments so that it will be hard fro the boss to realize. This will automatically lead to a collapse of the business but it can be discovered later after thorough research and scrutiny which may lead to legal punishment of the people who were involved.
When the theft from the organization occurs, it may happen at the end of someone`s working contract or retirement such that pension plan w...
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