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Marketing Case Summary #4 Business & Marketing Case Study (Case Study Sample)


This is the Marketing Problems-Application and Decisions course.
I want you help me do 3 pages case summary.
Please follow the rubric.
I will provide you with course slides that I hope will be helpful.
Thank you.




% (Score)


Introduction, Statement and Assessment (20)

The problem/opportunity is clearly identified and discussed. (5)



The problem/opportunity and firm activities are fully developed. (5)



The competitive environment is understood and articulated. (5)



Strategic outcomes, both short and long term are discussed. (5)



Strategic and Situation Analysis (30)

Industry analysis (SWOT, Porter’s, Timmons, KSF, PESTEL, etc.) completed with conclusions drawn and applied to present and future critical success factors. (20)



Financial and other relevant analysis is represented (exhibits), discussed, and supports industry and competitive product/service positioning. (10)



Evaluation of Alternatives and Recommended Action (40)

Product/Service Placement and Marketing Strategy is thoroughly discussed and tied to successes and challenges that are responsive to market pressures. (12.5)



Firm structure, management and other key success factors are fully developed and outlined, with alternatives developed and evaluated according to product position and decision criteria for action. (12.5)



Specific and actionable implementation of selected alternative is fully developed, with concise action plan that is measurable and tied to success. Action is evaluated and solutions are tied to performance. (15)



Summary and Guidelines (10)

Summary is succinct and logically organized, following prescribed guidelines: no more than 4 double spaced pages, 12pt. 1" margins. (5)



Summary is free of errors (grammatical, spelling, structure, etc.). (5)



Overall Score (out of 100 points, or 5% of Case Summary Grade), Late Submissions will Receive Overall Score of 0.





Strategic Marketing Problems
Author’s Name
Institutional Affiliation
Strategic Marketing Problems
Introduction, Opportunity and Assessment
The Victorinox is a Swiss Army Knives company that manufactures fragrance, knives watches and luggage. The head of marketing of Victorinox Company is facing problem in developing a strategy that will allow the fragrance company to enter in the fragrance sector directly. With the formation of a successful strategy, there is an opportunity for the company to generate higher revenue and increase its profitability ratio. The assessment of the company’s overall resources and capabilities indicate that the company has the potential of enhancing the capabilities of its overall business operations (Alon & Carvajal, 2014; Chernev, 2018). The development of a suitable strategy plays a vital role in enhancing the performance of the company’s business processes. The firm activities are fully developed as the focus of the organization’s management is on collaborating with all the stakeholders regularly.

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