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Hawaiian punch case anylasis (Case Study Sample)

strategic marketing problems cases comments by( roger A .kerin and Robert A . peterson) chapter 7 (marketing channel strategy and mangement ) Hawaiian punch case study ,Ineed anylasis Rubric for Written Case Analysis Discussion of problem Has the student correctly identified the problem(s) identified in the case? Does the student clearly articulate the nuances to the problem? Have potential consequences been identified? 10 Identification of alternative courses of action Has the student identified all of the possible courses of action? 15 Evaluation of alternative courses of action Has the student identified the pros and cons of each action? 15 Use of quantitative analyses Has the student conducted a quantitative analysis of the various courses of actions (e.g. contribution analysis) in comparing the various courses of action? 15 Application of marketing concepts Has the student utilized concepts as presented in the text book and relevant to the case? 15 Rationale for decision Does the student provide the reader with a coherent argument for his or her choice of action? 15 Paper format Is the paper well written? Is the paper free of typos and grammatical errors? Is the paper presented in a professional manner? 15 Total 100 thak you source..
HAWAIIAN PUNCH CASE STUDY Name: Grade Course: Tutor’s Name: (31, October, 2010) Hawaiian Punch Case study The Hawaiian punch is faced with several problems that relate to its general operations; to begin with there is need to evaluate the role and positioning of the two manufacturing units, the sales, and distribution networks. Secondly there is need to modify its brands in relation to the market situation this calls for flavor innovations for both finished goods and DSD networks. Thirdly, Hawaiian punch needs to evaluate its product placement and media advertising. Alternatively the Hawaiian punch should continue with the current marketing and the set strategies on positioning. Another easy solution is for the Hawaiian punch to remove the finished goods network and focus entirely on the distribution store delivery networks. However depending on the market technicalities the distribution store delivery network can also be eliminated and instead maximize the concentration on the network of the finished goods, A total revamp on the brands and the network efforts (Kerin & Peterson, 2003). In this case a revamp can be done on both the finished goods and distribution store delivery networks. Its business positioning and its commitment to the traditional child-centered focus products has led to lose in some brands, products such as the punchy mascot no longer occupies a prominent role in the media advertisement, in relation to this bad product policies such as those of Cadbury schweppers that restricts advertisement to children of less than 8 years leads to decrease in the sales. Another problem arises in its strategic business positioning where there is a big difference between the position on the finished products and the DSD network. The current marketing and positioning strategies showed some struggles with flavors and sizes of the product compared to the consumer preferences, slow growth in case sales is also evident. The positioning on the finished products focused on the mom as the family purchaser thereby tending to favor the African American and Hispanic mothers, This is biased to other groups which uses the same brands that are non-Hispanic. There is a problem on the positioning on the DSD networks which are mainly focused on the urban, multicultural teens. These have caused negative effects on the new brands that features flavor variety and action-oriented appeals which are registering little awareness among the households with children under 18 years of age. In order for the Hawaiian punch to curb the effects of the problems on positioning, there is the need for the brand team to prepare a positioning statement for Hawaiian punch that would guide the 2005 brand market...
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