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Major U.S.A. Employment Related Laws and Regulations (Case Study Sample)


Module 2: Influences on Human Resources Management  

Case Study

Please be sure to check with your instructor concerning how the case study is used and what is required of you for this course.

The goal of corporate officers is to position their business entities in the marketplace to ensure optimal competitiveness. This goal applies whether the entity produces goods, services, or information, or whether the entity is an international conglomerate or a start-up venture. Management faces special challenges, for example, in the case of mergers. The challenge can be greater when units that span international boundaries merge. Human resource managers must always be aware of the influences, whether environmental, organizational, or individual, to lead their businesses through challenging times.

In the following scenarios, your company has just been subsumed by a large multinational firm, Pomodoro, Ltd., a food and beverage industry giant. Your previous company, Thompson Snack Foods, manufactured and distributed snack foods in the southeast United States. Your product line included organic potato and corn chips, pretzels, and peanuts. You have been asked to stay on as HR manager, and you look forward to working with the new management team. Your new boss, recently transferred from the firm's offices in Brussels, has called a meeting for Monday morning.


  1. Develop a PowerPoint presentation for your new boss, the stateside director of operations, who has concerns about your firm's ability to comply with federal HR regulations. In your presentation, identify the HR unit's policies and procedures for keeping abreast of changes in HR laws. Describe in detail your sources for tracking the status of pending legislation as well as the provisions for complying with recently enacted laws. Your sources might include Web sites, HR-related organization memberships, magazines, and listservs.
  2. Your boss has also requested information about the latest government regulations on sexual harassment. Conduct a Web search and then prepare a two-or-three-page memorandum for your boss outlining the procedures you recommend the firm adopt to reduce potential liability if charged with sexual harassment.
  3. Your new boss has made it clear he wants the firm to comply with U.S. regulations. In addition, he wants to inform the firm's staff that a zero tolerance policy for harassment of any sort is in effect. Develop a PowerPoint presentation for use at a sexual harassment training seminar at your firm. Begin by defining harassment. Session attendees would include American and international employees.
  4. On October 17, 2000, an immigration law titled the American Competitiveness in the Twenty-First Century Act was enacted. The high-tech industry heavily supported the provision that allowed H-1B employees to start work immediately. Research this law and develop a three-page position paper identifying the issues most important to your firm. Why was the high-tech industry so heavily invested in the bill's passage? Be sure to discuss thoroughly the pros and cons of the bill.

Develop a white paper defining the issues you believe most critical for HR managers to address. Then develop a training plan for a midsize manufacturing corporation (500–1,000 employees). For this exercise, simply list the courses by topic that you would include. As a follow-on exercise in subsequent modules, you will be asked to develop a full-blown training program plan for the firm.

Case Study/Paper (15%):

The assignment is adapted from the Module 2 case. Please note that while the basic facts from the module are used in the case for brevity purposes, the instructions have been changed to merely compose one paper rather than a power point and a paper. Be sure to read the Module 2 Case Study Scenario for more background information.  Your paper should identify major USA employment related laws and regulations including anti sexual harassment and include a clear and comprehensive interpretation of these laws as they apply to Pomodoro, Inc. Your position paper should be three to five pages in length and include in-text citations and references in APA format. 

General Scenario (don't forget - read more background information in the Course Module 2):

Your new boss has made it clear he wants the firm to comply with USA employment regulations although the company, after the merger, is now global. He needs a position paper to brief everyone on the major USA employment laws and regulations but needs it to be in a condensed and understandable document. In addition, he wants to inform the firm's staff about anti sexual harassment and that a zero tolerance policy for harassment of any sort is in effect. Develop a three to five page white (position) paper defining the important harassment and employment-related laws and regulations and outline the relevant application points. Some of the topics might include but are not limited to:  sexual harassment, wage and salary legislation, recruitment, interviewing, Affirmative Action, Equal Employment Opportunity and ADA. Please write the position paper knowing that the audience (those who will read the paper) will be both American and international employees therefore you will want to write it in a manner all can understand the implication although they are not US citizens. 


 Grading Components

Exceeds Expectations (A)



Meets expectations (B)

Meets some expectations (C )

Does not meet expectations (D or F)

Paper is well-researched

Paper demonstrates sound  understanding  of laws and regulations. Examples or explanations included in report are outstanding.

Paper demonstrates some research and includes some example or explanation.

Paper references are inappropriate or weak.   Examples or applications provided are not strong indicators of sound practices.

Paper does not demonstrate any evidence of research

Ideas and arguments are logically presented

Student clearly articulates arguments and presents a strong case to support her thesis.

Student articulates a good case to support her thesis.

Student provides some arguments to support her thesis. The argument presentation is illogical.

Student does not articulate arguments logically and clearly.

Paper Mechanics

Excellent communication, follows APA style. Includes no mistakes in grammar and punctuation.

Good communication. May contain few mistakes in APA formatting, grammar or spelling but these do not hinder understanding of the paper. 

Some mistakes in communication, APA style or grammar that make portions of the paper confusing.

The paper is difficult to understand due to many mistakes in spelling, grammar, and APA formatting.


Pomodoro Ltd: Major U.S.A. Employment Related Laws and Regulations:
The United States Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) prescribes the standard wages and the overtime for the employees which affect most public and private employment. This act is administered by the Wage and Hour division and it requires the employers to pay the covered workers who are not otherwise exempt from the federal minimum wage and overtime which should at least be one and half times the regular rate of one’s pay. For operations which are non-agricultural, the Act restricts the working hours for children who are below 16 years and it bans the employment of young children who are under the age of 18 in jobs which are deemed to be too dangerous for them. The act also prohibits employment of children who are below 16 years during the school hours and for jobs which are deemed dangerous. The Wage and Hour Division also stipulates the provisions of labor standards of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA). These are the acts which apply to foreigners who are allowed to work in the United States under some certain non-immigrant Visa programs. Pomodoro Inc. will have to adhere to this Acts by obeying laws which deal with the wages of both the local and foreign workers and by embracing policies which won’t allow the children to be employed in this firm (Miano, 2008).
Sexual Harassment:
In the U.S legal terms, sexual harassment is defined as any unwelcome conduct or sexual advance on the job which can create hostility, intimidation or offensive working environments. Sexual harassing behaviour can range from belittling jokes or repeated offensive to a workplace which is full of outright sexual assault and offensive pornography (Nesbit, 2010).
In the U.S laws which protect people against sexual harassment were issued in 1980 by the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission which gave regulations which defined sexual harassment and stated that it was a form of sex discrimination which were initially prohibited by the Civil Rights Act in 1964. The U.S Supreme Court in 1986 first ruled that harassing someone sexually was a form of employment discrimination and therefore held it to be legal. As by now, there is greater understanding that the Civil Rights Act prohibited sexual harassment at the workplace. Most of the States in the U.S have their own practices laws which prohibit sexual harassment and in most cases, most of these laws are even stricter than Federal Laws.
Laws against Sexual harassment are meant to protect employees from their bosses, co-workers or customers at the workplace. Both women and men can be sexually harassed by someone of the opposite or same sex. The Federal Law prohibits sexual harassment at the workplace under Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act which was amended. The Law states that some employers should be responsible for stopping and preventing sexually harassment at the workplace.
Title VII applies to most Private and Publ...
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