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Tanglewood case (Case Study Sample)

Dropbox Assignment #1 Review Case Two in The Tanglewood Case. Carry out the task for The Tanglewood Stores Case You will find specific details on the last page of Case 2 in the Casebook -pages Pages 13 - 20. Complete 1-4. Submit your recommendations to the Drop box by midnight Sunday. Basic ideas for the case: Students walk through the stages of human resources planning by conducting a Markov analysis. An additional concern for this case is assessing the degree to which the organization has developed a workforce representative of the community of available employees. The case is largely quantitative, and requires students to accurately perform basic calculations involving human resources data. Instructional tips: Students may be somewhat concerned about the mathematical content of the case. The actual calculations are fairly simple, but some students may have math anxiety. Reveiw Exhibit 3.8 in the text and also the attached Markov Analysis Power point slides.. You will see how the correct answers to the mathematical parts of the case are developed, together with a step-by-step description of how the calculations should be performed. The book to reference out of for material is \"Staffing Organizations\", 6th edition, Herbert G. Heneman III source..
TANGLEWOOD CASEBOOK Name: Grade Course: Tutor’s Name: (29, October, 2010) Tanglewood Casebook Answer 1 1 EMBED Excel.Sheet.8  Environmental scan Tanglewood may be faced with a difficulty in filling their vacancies in the future. The first factor is the reluctance by college graduates to move to the retail market which the graduates consider as tough working conditions and yet the pay there is low. This situation maybe made worse by the fact that a forecast on the Pacific West unemployment situation may be changing in future. This will make it difficult for Tanglewood to get external employees to fill the managerial positions that the urban graduates are reluctant to take. Gap Analysis Of the 8,500 store associates required 3,655 will remain thus 4,845 positions will need to be filled. Tanglewood requires 1,200 shift leaders of which 648 will remain in that position, 510 of the store associates will be promoted to the position of shift leaders, thus only 42 more shift leaders will need to be externally recruited. There are 850 positions for the department managers, of which 544 will stay in this position, 192 will be promoted from the shift leaders’ position and 9 will move from the assistant store managers position thus 105 more positions will need to be filled. The company requires 150 assistant stores managers of which 78 will remain in that position, 51 will be promoted from assistant managers position thus 21 positions will remain unfilled. Of the 50 stores managers positions required, 33 will remain in that posit...
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