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Group-Level of Analysis and Cross-cultural Teams (Case Study Sample)


Assignment 2:  Group-Level of Analysis – Portfolio Project


 To explore and understand the effect of group behavior, specifically cross-cultural team development and success, on organizational performance and effectiveness, and to learn new or to enhance leading edge presentation skills

Related to the following course objective:

  • •         Successfully participate as a team member, lead teams, and manage independent teams to accomplish specific goals and objectives



 Portfolio comprised of two parts: 


1.     Part 1--OB research findings from which the presentation (Part 2) will be created.  Part 1 should be a comprehensive outline, with expository content under headings and subheadings containing data and information, analyzed, synthesized, assessed and graphically formatted as presentation (see Part 2 details below). The outline will have broader and more intensive content—that is, OB-related data, information, concepts, theories, models, methods, practices—than Part 2 because Part 1 will reflect your research, note taking and fact gathering—that is, what you have learned about group-level organizational behavior from required weekly and outside resources and the weekly discussions.  Think of Part 1 as the notes section underneath slides in traditional presentation applications, useful to keep a presenter on track and serve as "cheat sheets" when questions are asked beyond the bulleted slide content.  Part 1 notes will also include resource reference list and in-text citations.

2.     Part 2--Graphic presentation.  Do not use Power Point (PPT).  Included in Assignment 2’s purpose is learning new skills or enhancing existing skills to create innovative presentations applicable to real-world workplace and  other professional environments.  If you are interested in building slide technology skills, I recommend that you consider using Prezi (an innovative replacement for PPT).  For information, go to https://prezi(dot)com/signup/public.  Or feel free to use other options such as video (e.g., YouTube), website page/s (e.g., or other innovative graphical presentation application suitable for illustrating synthesized, key data and information from the comprehensive content generated in Part 1. Consider integrating audio or animated elements or a concept map, SWOT analysis, or narration into the presentation to increase impact, meaningfulness and persuasiveness.

The Introduction and additional instructions below provide detailed steps and directions for creating, packaging, and submitting your Portfolio.

Introduction to Assignment Content


Case study 2: Group-Level of Analysis and Cross-cultural Teams
Course name:
When working with a team from diverse background there is likely to be more challenges from differences in values, attitudes, and language barriers (Durant & Shepherd, 2009). The dynamics of coordinating global teams requires that leaders understand how communication affects cross-cultural groups. The case for understanding how culture affects the working teams is that individual in the U.S favors individualism while the Chinese favor collectivism working culture. The takeover of PetGourmand by Bon Vivant Specialties (BVS) presents a challenge since conformity and commitment to the workplace are likely to be different. The two companies have followed different management structure and now the merged company will likely have to follow the flat organizational structure preferred by BVS.
Consulting practice
ABC consulting will offer services in cross-cultural consulting and training, while offering learning programs to ensure that operations of clients run smoothly despite organizations having a global reach. Global teams experience cultural differences, and understanding the diverse communication styles of teams improves collective productivity. To ensure that there is better productivity in teamwork, the learning will focus on sensitizing the team members to adapt the environment to the cultural differences. While working in virtual teams, dealing with the cross-cultural interaction ensures that there is effective collaboration among team members and mutual trust is fostered.
The role of teamwork in the workplace has grown more prominent in the recent years, as organizations seek to integrate team members to work on different projects. The case for working with a team remotely, is that it can enhance mutual trust among the team members since the individuals work together to achieve the desired results (Boag, 2013). However, there is a need tic carefully manage the teams, since some individuals are more creative while working alone. This highlights the need to balance team work with independent working if organizations are to leverage the benefits of the two approaches. Some of the most creative ideas have been made when people are working alone rather than conforming to group dynamics (Cain, 2012). Nonetheless, there is no denying that groupthink also has its benefits in the workplace allowing the workers to build trust, while also providing an avenue to exchange ideas in a stimulating manner (Cain, 2012).
Challenge in managing teams
The observation that motivated people need not be in groups to work productively supports the premise that they are likely to achieve better results and sue their creativity, but might be hesitant to give their input in teams and working teams. This is mostly because some people sit back and let the team leaders to provide direction and they simply follow the general consensus. There is a need for proper management of the teams to ensure that the members are motivated as the team gets larger it becomes to manage affairs. On one hand, workers desire autonomy and independence, but working in teams can make it easier to work on big projects. As such, supporting team work environments that foster creativity and learning would build upon the benefits of working in teams (...
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