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Assessment of company business level strategy (Case Study Sample)

Read the case \"Responding to the Wii?\" that is attached. This is a group paper, my part is on the \"Assessment of company business level strategy\".... In the slides that are attached it gives a break down of what is required for the Assessment of company business level strategy on slides 32-35 source..

Assessment regarding the strategy of company business level
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Assessment regarding the strategy of company business level
The Sony entertainment company has been presented as a single-business company which offers entertainment services in game forms to its clients. Although the company operations have not always been successful due to various challenges which have been faced especially in competition terms and variations in offered products by competitors, it is apparent that it has been able to make appropriate improvement attempts through the use of strategies aimed at steering sales augmentation. For instance, the strategy held by Sony Company of entertainment was to facilitate handling of videogame`s new order by the company. This would ensure that considerable improvements were realized with regard to company operation outcomes.
The generic competitive strategy held by the company may be analyzed as follows. For instance, its value creation source is usually cost and it targets upon wide markets. This implies that the company attempts to operate upon reasonable costs so that desirable profit levels may be realized. Profits are highly influenced by experienced costs and therefore trimming down of costs ensures that higher level with regard to profits is realized. For Sony Company to realize its objectives, it works towards market augmentation so that higher sales may be realized, with translates into successful operations.
The offered information bits point out that the experienced operations within the company have not always been successful. This implies that the firm lacks right capabilities and resources` sets to ensure that the exploitation of the involved drivers constantly bring about desirable outcomes. It is apparent that the firm has always been in an appropriate position to attain desirable competitive advantage by the use of its strategy concerning the business level it holds. The associated risks with the business strategy which is currently held by the company is that due to technology changes and need for the industry to keep on changing its game forms with...
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