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Bottled water (Case Study Sample)

HW1_Bottled_Water_Industry_Homework_Case_Questions.doc Rubric_for_Bottled_Water_Case.doc HW1_Case_Competition_in_the_Bottle_Water_Industry_in_2006.pdf ======== Competition in the Bottled Water Industry in 2006 Case (HW1) Objectives: The bottled water industry has experienced a significant growth in the past years due to the increasing popularity of bottled water. For example, the bottled water industry in the U.S. grew by 16% in 2006 and by 9% in 2007 to reach an estimated 9 billion gallons. At the same time, the economic conditions of this industry have produced mixed signals about its profitability potential. The goal of your industry analysis is to uncover the industry structural properties and their implications on determining bottled water industry attractiveness. Homework Questions: 1. Use Porter's five forces model to analyze bottled water industry. In your introduction paragraph, you need to first identity the basic economic conditions of the industry, including, but not limited to market size, market growth rate, number of rivals, number of buyers etc. Describe only those conditions that are relevant to the case. Then, you need to properly identity rivals/players, suppliers, buyers and substitutes. You need to discuss the factors that contribute to the strength of each five forces. Make sure you use examples from the case to support your strength assessment. In your concluding paragraph, you need to summary your five-force model analysis and determine whether the bottled water industry is profitable or not. Note: To complete this assignment successfully, please refer to the course syllabus for how to prepare a written case (pp. 2-3) and the requirement for Individual Case Analysis (p. 5). Due: February 23rd, at the beginning of class Hints: You should use the precious space to tight the most relevant facts from the case with your discussions. I evaluate your case analysis based on how well you understand the case and how well you are able to apply concepts/frameworks from the course to real world business situations represented in the case. When making recommendations, you should not dwell on things that the company is already doing. Instead, you should develop your own insights and strategic recommendations based on an in-depth analysis of the facts provided by the case. In doing so, you will learn to go beyond the facts or manifestations of a phenomenon to uncover deeper elements for moving a business forward. ================== source..

Bottled water
The number of business and companies in the world are emerging as days go by and as technology get known even by the third world countries. Among the industries growing at a high rate is the bottled water industry where water has become most attractive beverage and therefore mostly consumed mostly in Mexico and Europe. It is believed that between 2005 and 2010 the bottled water revenue had increased by 30% and consumption had gone beyond 40 gallons this been a clear indication that water industries has grown well. Though we may conclude that the industry is perfect, there are challenges as well that are facing bottled water and this paper seek to look at the basic economic condition of the industry, market size, its growth rate, talk about the rivals and buyers in the industry of bottled water among other fundamental issues in the industry.
Though bottled water may be celebrating at the moment, it had a sturdy time due to the tight economy. It is believed that due to vacillating in the economy, the beverage sale has gone down across the panel and on the other hand, the bottled water industry is been affected by environmental collision making it possible for consumers to go for alternative beverages. Economic trend has been challenging to most industries since others incurred loses, but the good thing is that bottled water compared to other categories has a less decrease in their sales and as the economy recovers, the industry know enjoy the steady market as consumers chose bottled water over other beverages and this is due to the mentioned fact of environmental collisions and portability of the products.
Bottled water industry has grown at a faster rate in US and Europe among others and the contribution here is that people got concerned with sugar consumption as well as other nutrients which affected their physical fitness and this changed them from been soft drink consumers to bottled water consumers. Due to this, the bottled water industry in United States increased by 10.7 percent and on the other hand, the soft drink market declined by 0.6 percent. The awareness of much sugar consumption contributed to bottled water consumption increase and it was believed that almost one- half of bottled water consumed in the United State in the year 1990 was delivered to offices and homes and this made the bottled water market to increase as well increased its growth.
Though one may describe bottled water from different perspectives, the bottle way of looking at it is through the five forces analysis. In this case, we will be able to look at the pow...
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