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Case study: marketing dis2&3 (Case Study Sample)

Case 3, chapter 4 A working mother just gave birth to her first child. At least twice a week, during the noon hour, she visits the same retail store, purchasing supplies for the baby. As time goes on, the mother (a marketing professional) begins to think about all the business she is giving the store and wonders why the store is not capturing information about her purchases. Because she always pays with a check, her purchase could be directly linked to her name. As she thinks about this more, she realizes the store should be able to figure out how hold her child is and the gender, what formula she purchases, and her preferred brand of diapers and wipes. Using this information, the store could predict her next purchases and reward her for shopping at this store with coupons or small gifts. What are the pros and cons to gathering and using this kind of data? How should stores do a better job of targeting promotions? Case 4, chapter 5 Joe and Nancy Smith enjoyed painting mailboxes with a variety of unique patterns and templates. Initially, they thought selling these hand-painted mailboxes would bring supplemental income during the early years of their retirement. They tried going to craft fairs and would sell 4 or 5 over a weekend. They placed ads in Sunset Magazine, but sold none. They also tried listing them on Ebay and were able to sell an occasional mailbox here and there.Let's brainstorm a bit and help the Smith's determine who their PRIMARY target market is. The key to a successful business is the ability to repeat business. (that's a hint). How can they identify a specific, more profitable target market than craft fairs, eBay, and magazine advertising. Instruction in answering question: 1) Clearly identified the marketing issue being discussed 2) Applies marketing terms to the specific situation 3) Supports the answer with arguments (facts, numbers, events from the real life situation) 4) List the sources of information source..

Case 3
In any business, the customer is the most important part of the business. All business efforts should be directed towards improving services given to the customer. Business operators should understand their customer needs and preferences. In this case, the store should be able to understand the needs and preferences of the mother. Based on the fact that she regularly visits the store and buys the same supplies, the store has enough information to analyze her needs and incorporate this in the customer relationship management. Gathering customer information helps an entity to determine and predict customer needs. The information is also used to target new customers and design strategies for venturing into new markets CITATION Joh09 \l 1033 (cadogan, 2009). Promotions are very effective in increasing sales and luring new customers. Businesses use promotions to gain customer favors, encourage repeat purchases, prov...
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