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The Literacy Analysis Essay of the Book "Dream of the Red Chamber" (Book Review Sample)


Please follow this guidline to finish this literacy analysis essay:
Many students are assigned to create a literary essay. This is one of the most widespread academic tasks for students of school, college, and university levels. While they often have to deal with it, not everyone knows how to write a literary analysis essay well. There are too many concerns and questions. Students often have no idea of how to structure their work, where to look for evidence or even how to conduct an effective analysis but this post is aimed to shed light on this matter.
Let’s start with a definition. As implied by the name of this task, it's the only goal is to make a clear analysis of a specific piece of literature, identify its purpose, and describe how and why the author has been trying to reach this purpose. What else should you know? Read further to learn the main elements of this paper’s structure, how to create an outline, and find great examples to help you cope with the task easier.
Outline Structure For A Literary Analysis Essay
The whole piece should contain three sections – an opening clause, main body, and the conclusion. It is important to have a good outline. Below are the basic elements of the structure with examples.


The Literacy Analysis Essay of the Book "Dream of the Red Chamber"
The book "Dream of the Red Chamber" shows the Chinese culture during the period of Qing dynasty. It relates to the social structures and life of Chinese society during the eighteenth century. Further, it blends supernatural occurrences and daily life, realism and romance, and mental motivation and fate. The content of the book is based on the author’s life experience and contemporary event where she tries to depict how life changed at the beginning of Qing dynasty. Therefore, in this work, I will provide a critical analysis of the content of the book.
First, the book gives a reflection of realism and fiction. The author states that “Truth becomes fiction when the fiction's true. The real becomes Not-Real when the Unreal's Real.” This means that things can change just as the collapse of the Jia clan which nobody expected after their properties were confiscated. Moreover, the idea is seen in the meaning of the two clans where one is known as Jia, which means fictitious or false, and the other family is called Zhen which means real. Therefore, the author uses the two names to give realistic and fictional versions of her family at the time. In the first chapter of the book, the author recalls her life as a damsel including the relationships that she had with friends. However, this changed later with the widespread of kinsmen and servants as the Jia family decline. The idea is to show that ‘’the truth may become false when false is true.’’ The truth revolves around the wealthy lifestyle which the author lived as she was a member of the Jia family which was considered famous and wealthy at the time. However, this changed when their properties were seized by the government, which led to the fall of the clan.[Ma, Guorong, Mufan Wang, and Wei Wang. "Societal Culture from Late Imperial to Contemporary China: As Indirectly Reflected in A Dream of Red Mansions." Chinese Perspectives on Cultural Psychiatry. Springer, Singapore, 2019. 21-39.]
Also, the book shows melancholy and incest relationships among the Chinese people at the time. Bao-yu is seen to have a crush on his cousin Dai-yu, and they later fall in love and even plan to marry each other. Unluckily, this change after Bao-yu had a dream of another woman who also happens to be his cousin and he decides to marry the woman as a way of fulfilling what he saw in the dream. The act leaves Dai-yu frustrated, and this is seen in the book where the author stated that ‘’I would do anything – absolutely anything,’ he was thinking, ‘if only you would be nice to me. If you would be nice to me, I would gladly die for you this moment. It does not matter whether you know what I feel for you or not. Just be nice to me, then at least we shall be a little closer to each other, instead of so horribly far apart.’’ The statement proves that Dai-yu is frustrated by Bao-yu’s change of decision to marry a woman whom he saw in the dream, thereby, hurting Dai-yu who is his first love who still fights to bring the love back. Actually, despite the efforts made by Dai-yu to bring the love back, Bao-yu decides to assume her and follows his dreams. Therefore, the love relationship between the cousins and ill-fated love are signs of incest relationship and melancholy in the book.[Moyer, Jessica Dvorak. "Reframing the Boundaries of Household and Text in Hou Honglou Meng." Late Imperial China 36.1 (2015): 53-87.]
Further, the way the author portrays the extended family shows a faithful image of the upper-class life during the beginning of Qing dynasty. Moreover, the variety of characters in the book shows a psychological depth which has never b...

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