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Create Your Dream Job: Hard Work Invests In Education (Essay Sample)


Discuss job analysis, job descriptions, and specifications.
Analyze various techniques, considerations, and designs of employee compensation programs.
Analyze various techniques, considerations, and designs of performance appraisal programs.
Use technology and information resources to research issues in human resource management.
Write clearly and concisely about human resource management using proper writing mechanics.


My Dream Job
Institutional Affiliation
Creating a Dream Job
The compensation for the time and hard work that one invests in education is landing a job that is both well-paying and intrinsically fulfilling. There are clear dimensions that each individual has for their dream job. These dimensions dictate the educational and research path to follow and the networks to establish. The contribution of these factors more often than not results in the attainment of the dream job.
In some cases, however, it is not guaranteed that education, research, and networking will attract the dream job immediately after studying. With the current fluctuations in the job market and global economics, a person may be forced to take a position that is offered regardless of their taste. The employment may be well-paying, but lack the other characteristics of a dream job. Nonetheless, it is imperative to hold on to the dream of getting a job that one inspires for life.
I would wish to become an operations manager for a multinational organization involved in the design and development of computer software. In the organization, I would not be directly engaged in the technicalities of making or testing computer programs, but rather oversee the activities involved in the company like client management, quality improvement, stakeholder relation management, and offering managerial advice to my seniors. This position is a very relevant post for any company that deals with multiple activities. Coordinating all the operations in the organization is mandatory since they need to run smoothly. I would report all progress to the top management and also deescalate decisions to the technical teams.
There are very high prospects of employment for operations managers in many institutions across the country. There are new technology companies that are coming up and rapidly expanding globally. More expansion means higher demand for personnel to coordinate local and international activities. Existing companies also need a considerable staff body comprising of operations managers and team coordinators. A job as an operations manager in the technology industry is lucrative. To begin with, most computer software companies are Fortune 500. It means, therefore, that they have high revenues and the compensation for their employees is remarkable.
My job as an operations manager will entail five core functions. First, I will form an essential link between the technical teams and the top management. The head of each group will report to me on various matters which I will then present to the senior management. I will, therefore, be on the frontline in identifying informational, professional, and development gaps and address them with the powers at my disposal. Secondly, I will play an important role in quality assurance. Computer software needs to be of the utmost quality. It implies, then, that each technology company should have a quality assurance committee. As the operations manager, I will chair the committee to discuss product quality matters like defaults and consumer feedback. Thirdly, as the operations manager, I will spearhead the quality improvement to raise standards of work in the organization. This would entail establishing the baseline conformance to international standards and implementation of a quality management system. I will, for instance, carry out continuous spot checks and internal audits to detect compliance with the quality standards. I will develop the system operating procedures and train employees on how to implement them. For the non-conformity actions identified, I would institute and monitor corrective actions. Fourth, I will represent the top management in stakeholder engagement. The stakeholders in the computer industry are competitors, insura...

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