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The Jungle Book Review (Book Review Sample)

The jungle by upton sinclair
-choose a social problem and a major and minor character from the book the jungle.
-introduce the social problem and relate to the major character.
-include a thesis statement.
-include background information on the social problem and the chosen character 
-what impact did the social problem had on the chosen characters 
-expound on the moral compass of the time by explaining the values, traditions, politics economics and social changes 
-also include a paragraph explaining the importance of the social problem and the correlation to the chosen character. 
must include coversheet and references page and please can these two pages not be part of the 4 pages need. 


Book Review: The Jungle
Date of Submission:
Book Review: The Jungle
Capitalism and corruption are two of the main themes of the novel The Jungle. The main character, Jurgis Rudkus, and his partner, Ona Rudkus, experiences hard times as soon as they arrive in Packingtown. Jurgis faces corruption and immorality, facilitated by the lack of law and order, greed from the politicians, and exploitative employers. The author focuses on corruption as a social ill that is fuelled by the Capitalist economic system. At the beginning, few cases of corruption occur but towards the finish, Jurgis becomes involved in corruption himself. Their family was swindled when they wanted to purchase a house, which can be blamed on the capitalist market’s environment. The author documents a number of incidences where outright corruption directly affects the lives of the characters. In attempt to fight corruption, Jurgis joins a union, after he is fired from his workplace. Corruption seems to affect every aspect of Jurgis’ life, soon turning to affect his family members and those close to him. While capitalism in its raw form does not represents any social evil, an additional ingredient of corruption tends to wipe away of the benefits that this social system may bring to the society. This paper looks at corruption in capitalism as a social ill affecting the society, by making reference to Jurgis Rudkus’ character in the book: The Jungle.
On arrival to Packingtown, Jurgis and Ona plan a wedding. Their relatives come to Chicago to witness the wedding. The expectations they have regarding how people perceive weddings in Chicago is quite different. At some point, Jurgis decided to buy his family a house. The agreement was a swindle as the house was under poor conditions. Also, there were hidden costs regarding the house. This made expenses for the family of Jurgis increase. In Chicago, employment is characterized by poor working conditions. Especially during winter, the environment at the workplace is harsh. The rooms are not heated, making it a problem for the employees.
The bosses also are not interested in the welfare of the society. Spoilt meat is often canned to make more sales. Rotten rats at times are added to meat to increase the tonnage of meat meant for sale. Due to the excess supply of labor, the factories employ a lot of laborers with the intention to fasten production. Retaining a job becomes harder as there are laborers who are more than willing to replace the laid-off, workers. Due to the corrupt nature of politicians, the poor wor...
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