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The Daily News New York (Book Review Sample)


Psych 316 Name: ________________________ Summer Online 2014 Homework Week 1 Due July 13, 2014 Complete Activity Questions number 1 and 5 at the end of Chapter 1. Each is worth 5 points. (1) Read 3 editorials in your daily newspaper. For each editorial identify the sources used to support the assertions and conclusions. Did the writer use intuition, appeals to authority, scientific evidence, or a combination of these? Give specific examples. (5) Identify ways that you might have allowed yourself to accept beliefs or engaged in practices that might have been rejected if you had engaged in scientific skepticism. For example, I continually have to remind some of my friends that a claim made in an email may be a hoax or a rumor. Provide specific details of the experience(s). How might you go about investigating whether the claim is valid?

Answers for 2 Questions
The Daily News New York in one of its editorials, there is an increasing incidence of Hookah smoking among the teenagers in the United States especially the wealthy. The writers obtained their information from the New York University’s Center for Drug Use and HIV research and kids having parents who are highly educated were most likely to partake study. The writers, therefore, utilized scientific evidence to support their conclusions. For example, the university’s survey on 5,540 students found out that 18% of seniors have attempted hookah smoking and students earning over $50 a week are likely to try the water pipe (Marcius & Durkin, 2014).
In another editorial on the same paper, the writer (Larry McShane) reported that of the NSA conversations that are intercepted, 9 out of 10 of the users are the original targets. The writer obtained the information from the Washington Post, who reviewed documents given to the by the NSAs ex-agency contractor Edward Snowden. Therefore, the writer used scientific evidence to back the report. For example, the Post reviewed 160,000 emails and IM connections including 7,900 documents that were lifted from 11,000 online accounts that were deemed useless, but never deleted and exposed 10,000 account holder’s secrets that were not targets of the NSA (Mcshane, 2014...
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