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Transgendered And Transsexual People: Becoming A Visible Man Summary (Book Report Sample)


Follow the instructions below. You should expect to complete a 3-5 page paper. Make sure you write an introduction, supporting paragraphs, and conclusion. You will submit this paper via Canvas on the due date specified below.
Use one of the books on the Book List (in Canvas) for this project.
Provide a short summary of the book. (What is it about? Clarity is important! Assume I have no idea what you read.) – No more than 1-2 pages
Discuss how any one theory related to the LGBTQ+ communities covered in lectures, readings, and/or videos might apply. You must provide specific examples from the book to support your analysis. Thoroughly explain using sociological concepts/terms. I highly recommend going through your text, notes, and lectures before writing this. Make certain you cite any sources. – 2-3 pages


Transgendered and transsexual people: Becoming a visible man Summary
Authored by a renowned lobbyist in the transgender campaign, this book is a skillful and convincing analysis into the politics of femininity. Jamison Green puts together an honest collection of memoirs with detailed interpretation to offer special understanding into the numerous issues of the female-to-male transsexual encounters. He covers experiences that are biased and strained links with family as well as the establishment of an FTM society along with the existences of clinical sex reassignment. For over 10 years, Green has given informative lectures on sex-variance matters for institutions, legal departments, societal-science forums as well as classes.
Further, he has provided his education to progressive legal training, religious training and medical arenas. He has a broad understanding of the procedures and challenges experienced by transgendered and transsexed individuals. Additionally, he champions to make sure that individuals with abnormal sexes get to access similar entitlements and privileges as others. His experience makes it possible for him to illustrate the challenges better than any other transsexed writer. Using his personal memories and encounters together with his struggles to accept his transsexed status while he was a child, along with his experience as a lesbian mother before he underwent clinical surgery, this book analyses transsexualism as a hominid state. Further, it analyses the gender reassignment as among the decisions that individuals are forced to make so as to control their sex abnormalities. Linking the female to male psyche as well as encounter to the societal and political pressures in the American society, the writer explores carefully the common aspects that affect all people. Especially, he examines the desire of a person to live assuredly, frankly as well as excitedly (Green, 2004).
Using greatly convincing instances, Green narrates his journey of identifying himself as a man with female characteristics as well as passing through numerous procedures of reassigning his outward physic with his true self. As much as he gives an understanding to the FTM transsexed encounter, he further turns his narration globally relevant by incorporating an examination of social reactions to sex distinctions. Among the reactions that he explores is the response of the cognitive society. As he observes that this subject needs a detailed discussion, he highlights some of the present challenges in eval

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