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Summary of the article. Management Book Report Assignment. (Book Report Sample)


Please pay attention to the style and writing level of my entire article. Please make the whole article look like it was written by one person. Don't make much difference.


The article starts with an introduction that brings to light, agile project management. Here, agile principles are touted as the preferred approach to accomplishing tasks in set timelines. Adaptations of certain frameworks like the Zimmerman framework into agile principles are touted as an avenue to success. These principles could also be utilized by individuals, and thus the article focuses on the agility effect and its impact on my learning style and how its use could be of great help in the future.
The next section develops an argument from Zimmerman’s article. The argument is that self-regulation techniques are fuelled by the focus on specific and clearly defined goals. These goals are supported by someone’s belief in themselves or self-efficacy as well as leadership of oneself or discipline and commitment.
The learning styles have been greatly impacted by the current pandemic. I find myself struggling to adapt to learning online and getting distracted while learning. However, after applying some practical aspects like using a pen and paper to note down crucial points, I have been able to retain knowledge for longer periods.
Lastly, the future action plan section provides an in-depth analysis of how agile management, through the application of the scrum framework, can be used to develop a career plan.
Introduction(Modify the intro according to the whole article)

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