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Discussion Board Visual & Performing Arts Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


Please view the film listed below:
Black Butler http://kissasian(dot)sh/Drama/Kuroshitsuji/Movie?id=1425
Write a review addressing the following issues in the film (Please note: some of you may not be familiar with the manga or anime, however, you can still touch upon certain aspects of question III).
I. The relationship Shiori has with Sebastian. Sebastian is very much an anti-hero if that, yet Shiori seems to depend on him almost to the point that he replaces her family. What does this state about the relations between children and adults in general? How do children perceive the world differently from the rest of us? Are they more trusting? More willing to overlook or not see faults? What statement does this make about society as a whole? If their relationship evolves into a healthy one, at least from Shiori’s perspective, is it really so?
II. Does the audience ever get to truly know Sebastian? If so, how so? If not, why not? And what effect does this have on one’s overall reception of the storyline? How about Shiori? Is she a likable character or does the audience feel a certain detachment to her, is she pitiful or not? If Sebastian comes across as the more playful of the two, and Shiori as the more somber, how does this skew traditional perceptions associated with age and specific fictional characters (for example the fact that Sebastian is the devil)? Why does this deviation from the norm make one ponder broader issues on a deeper level?
III. Black Butler is based on a manga and anime of the same name. How does the overall ambiance and cinematography of the film allude to its origin? What mood does the director’s attempt to create the ambiance of a manga rather than a film set for the viewers? Does the live-action component take away from the enjoyment of the film or does it bring a different type of charm?

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me.


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Black Butler Movie Review
The “Black Butler’ is a Japanese action fantasy film directed by Kentaro Otani and Keiichi Sato. The film explores the relationship between Shiori known as Earl Kiyoharu and her butler, Sebastian. This paper explores how their relationship evolves in the film.
The relationship between Shiori and Sebastian allows the viewer to consider the relationship between children and adults. In general, children look up to adults for guidance and support. Sebastian acts as the father-figure for Shiori and provides protection from any form of danger. Shiori, since she was an orphaned as a young girl, depends on Sebastian as the adult to keep her safe (Black). However, children perceive the world differently than adults. Children can sense when to trust and when not to trust. For example, Shiori is wary of Sebastian because she knows his only motivation for protecting her is to consume her soul once she dies. The society often disregards the perception or opinions of children. The movie shows Sebastian making the final decision for Shiori despite the fact that she chose to die. He gives her the lifesaving antidote while she is unconscious disregarding her choice (Black). Even if Sebastian and Shiori relationship could evolve into a healthy one, Shiori may never really feel so because she may find it difficult to trust a devil.
The audience does come to truly know

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