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How to Win Friends & Influence People (Book Report Sample)


The assignment is to read a book you have not yet read, and then write a 3-page "book report" (simple, 1" margins, double-spaced, size 12 pitch, no cover page, citations, bibliography) where page one is a synopsis of the main points of the book, and pages 2 & 3 (NO MORE) tell how you have taken what you have learned and applied it to make you better, faster, smarter at work.
I choose How to Win Friends & Influence People.


The book was written by Dale Carnegie due to his clear understanding of the human nature and ability when it comes to the way they relate to one another. The book teaches us about different ways one may use in order to win friends and also influence other people. He begins by teaching us fundamental techniques of how to handle people we come across, how to make them like us and finally qualities of a good leader while dealing with others.
In the book, Carnegie also talks about the eight things that can help someone to achieve his or her goals at work. They include; getting out of your own mental rut. This is done by having new thinking in order to acquire visions and discover new things. He also talks about making friends quickly and easily to increase your popularity, your prestige and ability to get things done.
Dale Carnegie decided to write the book as a result of his many business trips in where he was able to meet a lot of professionals in New York City. As he conducted his courses to the public, he realized that dealing with people was not as easy as people could think especially with matters related to business. This is because it greatly depends on an individual's technical knowledge while addressing the public.
In his class of engineering in New York, his students were very determined because, from their own observation, they realized that the highly paid engineers were not those who knew much about engineering, but those with knowledge, skills, and ability to express their ideas to the public. He also adds that a successful person should also be able to arouse enthusiasm from other people and make them believe in him.
Dale Carnegie also tells us that from his activities, he was privileged to interview some successful people in the world. They include Marconi and Edison, who are known all over the world as inventors. He also interviewed some political leaders like Frank

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